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Author Topic: Cenk or Niasse  (Read 12744 times)

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February 02, 2018, 02:06:31 PM
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I dont see the problem, I think part of the reason we did so miserably at the begging of the season was down to the fact we didn't give players to opportunity to adjust or settle in. Coming from Turkey it probably wouldnt have been easy on, or off of the field. I wish we had these options with Klasseen and Sandro, rather than throwing them in straight off destroying their confidence then seemingly binning them after they didnt perform.

Hope Tosun turns out to be a good signing but the fee is immaterial, you need to be training and performing better than your competitors and maybe its taking him a bit of time to get up to speed?

February 02, 2018, 02:39:23 PM
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Oh 100% hes only been here two mins like.

The worry is that we started from quite a low starting point with oumar and dom, nothing against either of them but most of the prem have a striker that would walk in over that and be able to either offer better hold up than Niasse or more of a threat than Dom, due to where they are in their own careers atm... unfortunately tosun has played in games where we’ve been crap, so hasn’t had much of a chance to show us what he’s got yet, and we’ve seen recent purchases get binned off for less!

Id be amazed if he was binned, Sam went on about the importance of his first signing being a success, Tosun will be given every opportunity to succeed at least until the end of the season, and in to next if Sam  is still here!!?