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February 13, 2018, 11:16:07 PM
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How the fuck are we even thinking about Europe

its Big Sam man he creeps up on you
Big Sam he is  the man with a plan you know

February 13, 2018, 11:41:56 PM
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Trying too hard now


here how is lookman going in are 1st team I did tell you back then he needed to go out on loan lol

February 14, 2018, 10:43:05 PM
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Two wrongs don't make a right .

yes they were wrong not to send him out in the summer and he was wrong not to go to Derby , so the way he has been handled was not right so you spot on there

February 15, 2018, 12:28:28 AM
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Yeah how dare he show enthusiasm or belief in himself going abroad...cheeky bastard .
Does he not know it's the shithouse way or the highway ...I mean yes his manager worked with some of the best .....oh wait scratch that some of the shittest clubs in the premiership ....and has a 100% record at international level ...all 1 games of it .

I will leave it up to you to count the mins he get on the pitch then
and what the fuck has it do to with his managers record with England or clubs he has been at before
you are Big Sam in the head get over it (if a dog shit on your doorstep you would find away for putting on Sam )

February 15, 2018, 12:55:46 AM
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I've seen him walking his career past our's and Sammy lee on a leash thats why the shit is on my doorstep and our clubs .
What's it got to do with Sams record as a manager ....an 18 old kid has no respect for the dinosaur ... if he'd done anything of note whatsoever in his career not just dodge trouble both in his football and the dealing with players and agents and "ahem" his sons backhanders then maybe just maybe that respect (he never shows players ever) would be shown to him  .....

Maybe ....but I wouldn't hold my breath .

we loaned a player to AC Milan could you tell me were he is playing his football now

Lookman is gone not just on loan gone form the club sorry if you cant see that

February 15, 2018, 01:14:39 AM
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But again you don't see the woods for the trees....Sam doesn't believe in youth any kid worth his salt would want out....you could say contrary judging by this season here but ... if BFS had any choice none of the kids would've got a look in.

lol woods for the trees pot kettle
it was Lookman that picked to go there after talking to there DoF for game time you really cant say going there over Derby was the right call if all it is really about game time and nothing more

your hate for Sam is blinding you

February 15, 2018, 01:46:21 PM
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If we get 7th I like to think the club would still part ways with the current management team.

I think the state we were in when we took Allardyce on justified his appointment. Our season was over in terms of any hope for success, and we were looking over our shoulder at the relegation zone shipping shit loads of goals.

But we're even further away from the top 6 than we were last season and Sam isn't the man to help us break it. Now that we're safe (almost), attention needs to turn to finding our own Pochettino. Oh and that useless cunt Walsh can fuck off too.. what even is he?

are you a yes man at work aswell

February 18, 2018, 05:24:50 PM
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I think there is enough evidence to say the youth don't feel they a get fair deal with Sam. Scheiderlin getting games over Davies for one. I understand Davies is young and inconsistent, bit scheiderlin has been dog shit, as had Williams. So when lookman was told to look elsewhere for game time, would you take Sam's or walshs recomendations?
I wouldn't, I would take it as I'm not wanted so get the best for MY career, there is a shadow over Sam, I don't want it over our club.

not getting into the fact that Davies started the last game and Scheiderlin did not I will let you work that one out ]

Davies is 19 had not been playing well for a bit dropped , rested what ever has come back better for it

at one point we were playing with 4 under 23,s (under 21 I think it is really ) in the starting line up blows that cliam right out of the water and never mind the other 2 on the bench

and on Sam over all he has at every club helped in bringing young player into the 1st team

my few on young players will always be the same they need to play both 1st team and under 23,s

Sam did not tell Lookman to look elsewhere for game time Lookman came and asked if he could look elsewhere for game time then went to a team he will not get much game time over a team he would which brings up a whole new kettle of worms

February 18, 2018, 07:05:57 PM
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So you think scheiderlin is deserving of a place? Even though his form has been worse than Davies?

is that a question or a statement
can you tell me were I said that

me I would play beni when Davies needs a rest as the defence side of it and Davy klaassen as the attacking side of it just what ever we need at the time
I don't want to see Tom Davies in a defence mid roll I want to see him up the pitch more
we need to stop playing with 2 DM players

February 19, 2018, 12:12:44 AM
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A statement if you like. But it makes my point. He would rather play a vastly underachieving player than give youth an extended run.even at his worst Davies is a much more effective player than scheiderlin.
As for the rest of my previous post, I was mostly surmising what went on between lookman and Sam. But neither of us knows the facts , I just don't think Sam is the manager for us, now or in the future.

not sure if you seen the last game or not but Tom Davies started the game Scheiderlin did not so not really making your point is it
your point was that he will not give young player a chance and now you can see he is and always has done

if you are just a Big Sam hater then all this is just a waste of time but if you are just not sure about him then I hope this gives you a better picture overall

February 19, 2018, 12:40:08 AM
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You are really.pedantic. ok davies played the last game. How.many did scheiderlin have to stink out before he did? It's not that I'm a Sam hater. I just think we deserve better.
If you want.to blindly support him fine. Don't expect anyone else to.

So anytime he drops a young player you could bring this up . Just forget about if he was not playing well or needed a break

And we will just forget about the fact that Tom is not playing the same roll as Scheiderlin (and yes the sooner he is gone the better )
Pedantic lol and then say blindly follow well I could say you are blindly just following the I hate Big Sam brigade