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Author Topic: [News]Keane linked with move away  (Read 3946 times)

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February 14, 2018, 06:43:42 AM
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Rumour 1. Big name interested in joining us.
Response. paper talk, rubbish, made up, crap. .........

Rumour 2.
Someone's not happy and wants to leave.
Response. What's the club doing letting him get so unsettled,  what's the manager playing at, we're amateurish ...........

Reporters get paid to write stories that sell papers. Always ask yourself certain questions:
Is it a slow news week?
Are there any actual facts?
How many such rumours have you read and how many actually happen?
Is it a respected reporter or just a no one.

Collectively there will be literally hundreds of such rumours between now and the end of the next window. Every now and then a wild punt will win by the sheer law of averages.

Remember the old hacks trick - ring the club ask if manager is leaving,  answer 'no' headline 'CLUB DENY MANAGER TO LEAVE' result, hundreds of extra copies sold and not an untruthful word written.

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