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Which would you prefer, if they were the only choices?

Author Topic: 7th and more Allardyce or 10th and a new manager?  (Read 11697 times)

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February 16, 2018, 06:57:41 PM
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Haha hardly.

Yeah I did back Martinez, but you know what I’d much rather watch us under him than Allardyce. I liked watching us get a record premier league haul, reach two semi finals in one season, not capitulate in Europe, attract and play some of Europe’s brightest talent here, promoting our own youth players and giving them a chance. All that said and done he got his fair share of critism off me as well during his time. 

All that said and done he got his fair share of criticism off me during his time, but it sure as hell beats watching us got to Arsenal with a tub of KY in our hand or line up with a back five and two defensive mids against the bottom of the league in my book.

I loved him - as a keen Hispanist, I loved all the 'sin miedo' and 'solo lo mejor' stuff. And the first season was great.

But we'd be in the Championship if he'd have still been here. And you could even argue that despite bringing in the very talented young players, he's the biggest reason they moved on, because he actually took the club backwards during his time here.

February 16, 2018, 07:04:41 PM
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Thanks Mick, that's it exactly :thumbsup: