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February 17, 2018, 12:53:18 AM
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I was a young lad back then, went to my first game that season in the gwladys and it scared the shit out of me, sat on one of the bars with my arl fella behind me.

Arl fella and uncles went to every game that year, home and away, they always talk about it, they got booted out at Fotuna Sittard for smuggling ale into the ground. Went to the FA cup final without any tickets and still got in, just gave the fella on the turnstile a tenner. The Bayern Munich game still gives me goosebumps. Would love to be my age now back then

Oh that brings it back Macca.Used the same method as your arl fella and uncles to get in to the milk cup final in 84,the fa cup final 84 and 85(had a ticket in 86) semi finals 85 and 86 though got caught by a copper in the latter,had all my details taken then thrown out with only 5 mins to the start away,and still got in up the witton end to see the kick off.As if to emphasise the point the report was making,whenever iv'e told the story of me getting caught at villa park trying to get in without a ticket to younger lads,they all ask why didn't you just watch it in a pub?They have no idea that these games were not shown live on the box.

February 17, 2018, 01:49:31 AM
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77 semi still haunts..at least the shite lost the final..

This in spades.I can still se that prick Thomas's face after he chalked off hamiltons "goal".About 5 years ago I worked in Treorchy(where Thomas is from)I looked out for him every day to see if I could flatten him with the van lol.

February 17, 2018, 02:39:10 AM
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Fucking Treorchy - a hell of a place

Too royal.Stuck up there for the thick end of 4 months Brownie.Nightmare getting there and home and fucking freezing to boot.

February 17, 2018, 03:16:26 AM
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Taught in Tonypandy for three years mate. Loved it but boy was it tough

I bet it was.When I had to finish playing for bedwas I ran the line for them for years and the abuse you got off them in that valley was unreal,and the further up you went the worse it got.

February 17, 2018, 03:50:16 AM
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Remember going up to some hellhole that I can't  pronounce a few years back and our local football team had been up there a few weeks before. There'd been murder up there and when we came up all the locals turned up and pelted us with beer cans and bottles as we warmed up. The tighthead got sent off for adding razor blades to his boots for the rucks.

You still involved with Bedwas? Do you know John Welch and Stefan Sankala?

I don't bother anymore  Brownie,havn't for a long time.It wasn't the same for me when the money took over.I packed it in probably about 2003,the craic just went for me.The club was a big part of my life  for a long time,i have some fantastic memories from playing and running the line.I think jon welch was just starting with them when I knocked it on the head,would that be about right?.My nephew played for years over there you might know him as he was a member of the front row union matthew pettit.Even after all this time I still miss it a bit and I allways look out for their results.

February 17, 2018, 04:33:33 AM
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What the fuck are ya’ll talking about

Rugby brap,sorry for the threadjack.