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Author Topic: [News]Allardyce: We've turned the club around  (Read 6772 times)

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February 23, 2018, 10:12:15 PM
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I blame Moshiri for making our club a laughing stock .

February 23, 2018, 10:14:25 PM
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I get that people don't like him but are you really saying we've gotten worse since he came in? Honestly?

We are honestly no better than when he came in . The standard below Arsenal , and they are not great , is as bad as it has been in many a long year.

February 25, 2018, 04:23:18 PM
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Brian Glanville , a respected journalist and not a fan on a downer wrote in this months World Soccer Magazine . Under the strapline       " Allardyces time has been and gone " he wrote "Evertons poor recent form has posed serious questions about the competence of SamAllardyce , brought in to revitalise the team after the abrupt departure of Ronald Koeman . After one or two useful victories, which at least seemed to keep the spectre of relegation at bay, he has left both Wayne Rooney and Gylfi Siggurdsson on the bench of late .They could hardly have done any worse in a team which has been overwhelmed at times .It also surprised me that he loaned talented winger Ademola Lookman to RB Leipzig of the Bundesliga where he has made an immediate impact . He is a player I have much admired for his pace , control and efficacy since his early days at Charlton where he developed . I feel Allardyce as a Manager has passed his meridian but it would be very expensive for Everton to fire him now . And whom would they bring in ? "

There is also an excellent article entitled 25 next Generation coaches but I think I will start another thread to discuss those on the list . Any of them would require a bit of forward thinking but those at the helm of our club don't seem to have any .

February 25, 2018, 04:50:53 PM
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We finished 11th under Martinez. Twice.

Even Allardyce won’t have us sinking that low.

You sure of that ?

February 25, 2018, 07:03:40 PM
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Nah you're just turning fans away, haven't watched Everton for a few weeks now and probably wont until he's gone.

I was looking at coming up for the Brighton game with my mate who supports them . Couldn't get tickets near each other , 600 mile round trip , hotel and beer for a couple of nights . Phone my mate and said I can't be arsed we should wait till next season if you stay up . Hopefully Allardyce is gone and it will be worth the outlay .

February 25, 2018, 08:15:32 PM
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The question I'm constantly asking myself lately is whether a different manager could totally transform these players and tactics and have us play great football...or... Are our players simply very very shit?
Because to be perfectly honest I'm not convinced there's more than half dozen players I'd keep.
Well Martinez season 1 sort of nails that one . There is no future with Allardyce , no style , no legacy . There are plenty of Managers out there who have developed players without massive outlays but they need time . Moshiri should accept as the fans should that 6th season 1 is just not going to happen now that everyone has more money . I think most fans would be happy to see a style develop at the club rather than just chucking money at players and Managers and ending up like Villa or Sunderland .

February 26, 2018, 03:52:31 PM
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I was thinking about how Koeman got sacked and how we ended up with Allardyce. Blind panic from the board in the end but it got me thinking about the process of recruitment.

Moshiri and Kenwright should have a clear strategy in mind how they move the club forward and they need to appoint a DOF inline with this strategy. Then Moshiri, Kenwright and new DOF should start looking at coaches who fit that strategy. In the long term they would have an eye of 2 or 3 new coaches who with more experience could make that step up to coaching the PL footballers and their massive ego's.

If you think in Formula 1 all the big teams have a smaller feeder team where they blood their new drivers and see if they can hack it in the big team. This is how we should do it in terms of the coaches. Identify those potential coaches who show exceptional ability early on in their coaching careers and make arrangements with their clubs to have first option on the coach. Maybe pay a fee to keep the smaller club happy and at the same time have a dialogue with the coach and tell them if they develop in the right way that in 2 or 3 years they could be first team coach at Everton with the best possible players that we can buy and look to develop these players into a genuinely good football team.

I think that's what Red Bull have done with their ownership of Leipzig and Salzburg . They also have feeder teams in Ghana and Brazil and I think we had Home Farm Everton . Forward thinking requires forward thinking people . Moshiri has Walsh and Allardyce and Kenwright is emotionally attached to his scarf , rattle and the boys pen .