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Author Topic: Everton v Newcastle (MNF)  (Read 12345 times)

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April 24, 2018, 04:13:37 PM
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Why do no journos ever say - “well one shot on target after dominating a team with one intention - that’s not very good is it? Do you not think good chances created roughly equates to style in most fans minds? Providing moments of quality? I mean, it basically ended up a shoot out between which team could make at least one chance to take the points...top teams simply don’t allow that to happen, whereas everton only ever seem capable of getting a goal when it gets to a scrambly shoot out shitshow, what do you think that says about your style? That at home, against a counter attacking team with no intention of playing the ball, that you can have the ball for 60% of the time and yet still be so wildly out of control and in the end only saved by what looks to be a diving header with a mind bending angle? Why don’t you create more good chances to win the game, even at home, even when given the ball as much as you like?”

Shout out questions that journalists should ask all the time .

April 24, 2018, 04:20:03 PM
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I am not championing Sam by any means, but a bit of perspective is needed. He didn't say anything out of the way in that interview last night.

He is always allowed by the press to shift the blame ie the performance is down to the players the 3 points is down to me  . How anyone within the club can want any more of him than this season I just don't know . Coaching surely includes stringing a few passes together . He is happy with the fact that an over hit cross and a deflection back into Walcotts path saved his arse . Not that he wouldn't have garnered something for himself from the 0-0 " We have ended Newcastles winning streak , kept another clean sheet and basically dominated the game " .