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Author Topic: Silva Confirmed as new manager  (Read 22509 times)

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July 29, 2018, 02:02:33 AM
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I wasn't keen on Silva as manager in the first instance, but when appointed was happy to back him.

Personally I think him taking this job though is completely the wrong timing in where Everton are currently at, difficult to play the way he wants with many of these players who need shipping out. Maybe the Everton manager in three years time but not sure that time is now.

On the evidence of pre season results it's worrying, many of these players will be moved on in various transfer windows. I hope he gets given that time to get his own squad together which may be in 18 months/2 years time.

July 29, 2018, 02:39:36 AM
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A lot of shouts about Silva not having the players to play his way which may be true but he's not exactly a proven manager yet is he? could yet prove an awful choice, obviously very early days but first impression is he's a bit Koemanez..

I'd be inclined to agree with that. That was one of my reservations about Silva.
When Martinez came in he had a well drilled defence amd tinkered with a good squad by injectiing some pace with Deulofeu and Lukaku in what was an already well assembled squad left by Moyes.
No way can Silva come to Everton and tinker with this side and get them playing expansive football.

This is why this job might be too soon for Silva. The characteristics of a manger we need at this moment in time to deal with the bottle merchants we have is not the one I see in Silva. Going by the way Silva left Watford when matters starting spiraling away from him, he clearly was less motivated to carry on once our interest became apparent and combine that with the players he currently has here you could see things turning negative and him walking away. Anyway hope i'm wrong and it all works out fine.
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