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Author Topic: Bid rejected for Lookman  (Read 64172 times)

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August 21, 2018, 07:01:20 PM
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These are clearly desperate to sign this kid to simply flip him in 2yrs for an extraordinary amount of cash.

I think Brands is going to fleece these fuckers if he does sell him. His job in Holland was to flip young talent so I think we’ve got one of the best guys in the business in knowing that side of negotiations. We’re in safe hands here.

We were fleeced so much last summer, it will be nice to fleece RBL. They're desperate. It doesn't bother us either way if he stays or goes. We have the upper hand here and we can call the shots. If they don't like it, oh well.
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August 21, 2018, 07:09:34 PM
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I don't usually say this but I'm getting bored to fuck of Lookman now. He can fuck off with my blessing now 😁
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August 21, 2018, 07:14:52 PM
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Average weekly wage at Middlesbrough is £20 k, can’t see them willing to pay Bolasie much more than that which would still leave us to cover £50 k, £40 if we’re lucky.

£40k per week and no Bolasie is better than £80k per week and Bolasie.
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August 21, 2018, 07:18:23 PM
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Hard ball, fucking love it

August 21, 2018, 08:34:09 PM
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blue slug

we want 28m plus add ons apparently and hope we stick to our guns with this

August 21, 2018, 09:20:26 PM
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Bluenose 91

Would rather have him than not but if they offer us 28mil+ then you can't really turn your nose up at that.

August 21, 2018, 10:30:19 PM
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Talksport on right now with a phone in about how we should let Lookman go.

August 21, 2018, 10:32:21 PM
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blue slug

which cock lords are on talksport now

August 21, 2018, 10:34:46 PM
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which cock lords are on talksport now

Adrian Durham and Darren Gough.

August 21, 2018, 10:35:20 PM
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blue slug

cant stand durham absolute arse piece

August 21, 2018, 10:36:53 PM
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sam of the south

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August 21, 2018, 10:45:34 PM
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I don't think we should even consider selling him unless we receive a ludicrous offer of +£30m and add ons/clauses. We are a big club, and we want to keep high quality young prospects.

With a player as young as Lookman (21 in October), things will only start clicking once he gets games, and it could take a couple of years.

August 21, 2018, 11:40:32 PM
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Lookman wants away, Leipzig want Lookman, Everton want £30m

Want(s) for nothing, good deal all round
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August 21, 2018, 11:52:29 PM
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I want to see Lookman and Richarlison off Tosun at home. Swapping around and switching places, cutting in and cutting out, pinging shots and dominating full backs and centrebacks.
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August 22, 2018, 12:05:50 AM
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I don't usually say this but I'm getting bored to fuck of Lookman now. He can fuck off with my blessing now 😁

i cant see him going,, we really need him, if Richarlison or Walcott get injured.. we cant play how Silva wants us to play... Bernado and Lookman can play on the wings.. Bolasie is gone, so has Mirallas.. Sandro doesnt play the same on the wing as the wingers mentioned..
thus i cant see Lookman going anywhere
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