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When a teacher/NHS worker goes to Nandos/Vodafone and they show them their DfE/DfH employment card, they do not ask their age. They just give them a discount. Same thing for students at Pizza Express, McDonalds or Co-Op.

I get your point that it differs from organisation to organisation, and I'll say to @Silas and @Bally its not a huge deal. I accept some/maybe the majority might disagree with me, and thats fine. But to me it does seem a little odd how we do not have a student category or even a category for those on in and out of work benefits. The club used to give discounts to social housing tenants for instance and that was a great initiative that they do not seem to do anymore.

The club also used to have 30k attendances and lose money every year.

Its a choice you've made to drop out of work and go back to school.  Part of that decision process should have been 'Will I be able to afford to do things?' without expectation that every business will offer you some kind of discount.

The restaurants and cinemas you quote offer the discount to get people in the doors as it makes business sense for them given the nature of required occupancy and their service profit margins.  By offering the discount it means theres a table filled and 3/4 people eating with a 10% discount instead of it sitting empty, and theyre still making money on that.  They're not doing it because they think 'awww, poor students :( '.

Everton have sold out season tickets for the second successive year.  They already offer brilliant child st rates to get young supporters in the doors with their parents.  They don't need to offer 25+ students a discount as they're not struggling to fill seats and don't need them 'in the doors' to make money from ancilliary services, therefore it should be plain to see they're not the same model as Pizza Express?
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Thats literally the Tory attitude. That academic/artistic subjects should be the arena of the elite or those in the better schools/with the financial means or that education should be purely geared towards employment rather than enjoying learning new things.

I left a stable job, done an access course for a year, decided what it was I wanted to do (which the government happens ot have a shortage of) and ironically the person currently in that profession classes me/my friends at uni who are both my age (as a Mature student) for doing that as a 'bellend'. @Brownie . People get all self righteous and on their high horse on 'how i speak to people' on here and the manner i communicate things and my general attitude, well get on Brownie's general attitude.

Mature students should get the same discounts (including at Everton FC) and be allowed to do the same subjects with the same funding as all other students.  Otherwise you just fall into the Tory trap of divide and rule. My Mum was a mature student, she still got discounts at the cinema for me and her. Why should Everton be any different?

Excuse me?
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July 09, 2018, 03:35:48 PM
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@Thomas first of all my 'bellend' comment was clearly meant as a joke. I've studied with and been a mature student myself. Secondly, when in the past you have asked me for advice about education and getting involved in teaching I've been nothing but supportive so you can fuck right off with the 'Brownie's general attitude comment' right now fella. Secondly, I work very closely with pupils with Aspergers and Autism and, as I have said on here before (conversations with @Confucius regarding his lad spring to mind), I've developed great strategies for working with pupils to help them recognise different types of humour and help them adapt in different situations. In 15 years of working with SEN kids I have never met anyone who uses their condition as an excuse as much as you do.

So do me a favour, before you type proper shite about people engage your brain before you press send
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July 09, 2018, 09:25:45 PM
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Anyway on a more basic level, can we have @Bally Guiness back at the match? I know this got mentioned by @Simon Paul in a podcast (not just my suggestion) but generally how terrible the selection and pricing of alcholic drinks are at Goodison. Although to be fair, Stowford Press is alright. Magners/Bulmers/Koppaberg would still be better.

You have mentioned many times on here that you have Aspergers. Have you researched that you really shouldnít be drinking if your brain is wired that way. Go find a book, itís called The Autistic Brain. Itís written by Temple Grandin.

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