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July 21, 2018, 06:35:42 AM
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Why are we all so hung up on the price!!! Its not your money or my money. EFC have money, plenty money. We can afford this.
He is a very good player
He will add to our squad. He costs what he costs.
We can afford it.

Stop bitching about the cost ffs

It might not be our money but it's still our club and we want Everton to make the best and wisest decisions possible with the funds that are available.

Not only do we want to stay financially stable but we don't get fucked over by other clubs when it comes to buying players like Bolasie for over 25m or fucked over by incompetent managers/DoFs who buy players without having a strategy and then we find once the manager is sacked that there is no place for expensive misfit players that we later on can't sell and hinder greatly our transfer plans for the following summer.

50m is still a huge amount to invest for one player so I expect Richarlison to be the sort of player that can elevate us further and do well whether or not Marco Silva is the manager in x months/years

August 25, 2018, 01:43:14 AM
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If Watford don't like us then maybe they should stop trying to mimic us by adopting the Z Cars theme tune