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January 02, 2019, 04:09:43 PM
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Silva’s biggest problem is Sigurdsson for me.

In the 4-2-3-1 that we’re playing the number 10 needs to be demanding the ball and dictating play, and that’s not who Sigurdsson is. He’s obviously a very good player but he works best by drifting in and out of games and being on the end of a move rather than the creator.

I don’t think Silva is flexible enough to build a system that works with Sigurdsson, but I also don’t think he has the balls to drop a player that cost that much.

We’ll continue to be ineffective, but Sigurdsson’s individual stats will look good as they have done for his whole career.

January 02, 2019, 06:13:51 PM
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I thought kenny actually moved the ball a bit quicker than Coleman has been, and he was a bit more proactive about moving the ball forwards.

Coleman has fallen into a terrible pattern of taking 3 touches instead of one, and then playing back to Keane. Oh and then complaining about not having any options.

It's a slight case of rose tinted glasses with Kenny because Coleman has been so laborious.

Although he did play the ball faster, Kenny had the worse pass accuracy on the pitch at something like 34%.

January 04, 2019, 08:11:32 PM
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Sig’s individual numbers look good as the 10 but it’s to the detriment of the team.

By his nature Sig drifts in and out of games in an explosive way (goals and assists) but isn’t actually involved that much other than those moments.

For our system to work like Silva seems to want it to, the 10 needs to be much more involved on the ball and finding space between the lines to take passes from Gana/Gomes. Otherwise, we end up like we have been this season with all the play going out to the fullbacks and lumping crosses into the box all game as Sigurdsson essentially plays like a second striker once we have the ball.

Sig on the left might be a compromise for Silva as otherwise he’s got big decisions to make on his preferred system vs our most expensive player as currently the two don’t work together.

January 07, 2019, 07:01:13 PM
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However it's clear we're progressing. I haven't really come out of a match this season disappointed with our approach even in defeat.

Im not sure that I agree with that part.

Defensively we’ve gone backwards, conceding so many big chances from set pieces.

Going forward I’m still not certain what our plan of attack is when we’re not the counterattacking team, and I’ve certainly came away disappointed after watching us play wide all game lumping aimless crosses into the box.

Silva got a lot of credit early on for attacking lineups and our fans responded well to his pressing but I think that credit is starting to wear out and we need to see signs of what our long term tactics are going to be.

January 08, 2019, 04:34:47 AM
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It's all going a bit Brexit/Trump in here.

People are allowed to have concerns about the manager and what we're seeing on the pitch.

Calling people with valid concerns reactionary/stressheads/Big Sam lovers instead of having a proper conversation comes across as a bit elitist to me. The implication is that people are only that way because they don't understand/appreciate Silva's style of football.

Even if he doesn't have the personnel in yet, it would be nice to at least see some signs of how we’re eventually going to play. Plus the Sigurdsson situation is a big red flag for me at the moment as our team is completely unbalanced to fit him in.

January 08, 2019, 11:31:53 PM
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Issue isn't criticism of form, games, situations in games.

It's when additional tags along the lines of huge game for his future, credit running out etc are included that it moves from beyond detached criticism to the implication, intended or otherwise, that you want him sacked or are at least considering the prospect 6 months in.

It was me that used the phrase credit running out and I stand by it.

I’m by no means saying that I want him sacked, but let’s be honest it’s been 6 months of pretty dire football. Up until now he’s been kind of immune to criticism as he’s rightly being given time to implement his tactics but we don’t look any closer to what he’s trying to achieve than we did at the beginning of the season, arguably we we look even worse at it.

Arsenal was had a deeply ingrained way of playing and Emery has managed to change that in the same time period, so surely we should at least be seeing signs of progress by now?

January 09, 2019, 06:18:20 AM
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Dire football?

Wow, we've clearly been watching a different game.

I think the attacking play has been excellent at times, just lacking in an end product unless it's Richarlison or Sigurdsson.

It's sentences like dire football for six months that makes people not take some opinions seriously.

Balance, please, otherwise what's the point?

Maybe I’m just getting tired after several poor seasons in a row but I’ve missed/tuned out of more Everton games this season than I ever have before.

We had a few games against the top sides where we were brave enough to play football (Chelsea and Liverpool) but other than that I can’t think of many performances this season that I’d call good football or entertaining.

Maybe it will suddenly ‘click’ under Silva and come on leaps and bounds, but I’ve never really seen that happen with other teams. Improvement is usually gradual and if you compare our recent performances with the earlier in the season we’re probably getting worse.

January 09, 2019, 06:38:50 AM
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We've looked great going forward in quite a few games, Leicester Away (particularly the 1st half) Brighton at Home, and Burnley Away

I agree with Leicester and Brighton maybe, but the Burnley scoreline was much better than the performance

January 09, 2019, 10:49:19 PM
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We didn't need three days to know that Allardyce was dreadful, and Koeman's general disregard for everything and everyone got him very short shrift. In summary, if you're an arsehole of a human being, you'd better get results because sympathy and support disappears very quickly when you don't.

Arguably Silva showed himself to be a bit of an arsehole with how he treated Watford.

I still like the guy, but there’s a definite sniff of hypocrisy about calling people out for questioning Silva after 6 months but you’re allowed to dismiss previous managers over less.

I’m also not having the ‘needs time to get his players who can play his brand of football’ either. He’s able to field Richarlison, Lookman, Bernard, Gomes, Digne, Mina and Zouma which is the majority of a starting 11 that weren’t playing good all last year.

January 10, 2019, 11:45:17 AM
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Very arguably, given that Watford don't keep managers for a whole season very often, and they sacked him anyway, not long after. I think it's fair to say that there's a marked difference between how Silva has conducted himself at the club (with young players, involvement in EITC, the opinions of the players) from Koeman and Allardyce's arrogant arseholery, and I think deep down you know that's the case. Don't be afraid to admit your wrong about that, even at this late stage. We all are sometimes.

Of course, results on the pitch matter more than how amenable someone is, but it stills makes a difference how you conduct yourself.

You've thrown in 'I like the guy' and then you go on to be vaguely critical of him. It reminds me of Marcus Aurelius' speech in Julius Caesar where he keeps referring to the killers/conspirators as 'honourable men' before going on to eviscerate them. A little disingenuous

In fairness you said you haven't watched/tuned out of a lot of games this season, and also said it's been dire football for 6 months, so perhaps it's difficult to take your opinion particularly serious, when you've not even watched many games.

I like Silva because as you said he’s saying the right things in interviews and getting involved at the club, not because of how we perform on match day. I can separate the liking of the man from the questioning of his teams performances without being disingenuous, although top points for the Marcus Aurelius reference, I’m flattered.

I said I’ve tuned out of more games this season than I have before, although that’s probably still less than a handful of games I’ve not been able to sit through.

As for your condescending ‘it’s not too late to admit you’re wrong’ line, we’re not talking about right or wrong here as there’s no ‘correct’ answer. Do you honestly think that Silva should be immune to all criticism just because he’s only been here half a year?

January 20, 2019, 05:36:06 PM
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I'd be a lot more critical if his best striker wasn't a 21 year old.

Look at Chelsea. They've got one of the best players around in Hazard with the likes of Willian and Pedro ahead of probably the most solid midfield trio in the league behind them. We've also seen that Sarri's previous teams have played great football and scored freely.

Despite all that, they're not a high scoring team and they've been struggling since Hazard's form dropped which is largely because they don't have a striker that meets the standard.

And that's with Morata and Giroud as options, their equivalent to DCL would be Tammy Abraham (out on loan in the championship most recently).

I'm sure Brands recognises this and people can moan as much as they want but Silva isn't close to going anywhere.

I think it’s more that having a top striker would paper over some of our current failings, and instead they’re being exposed.

Doesn’t matter if we’re playing Aguero up top or Calvert-Lewin, you can’t consistently do well if you’re ceding control of the midfield by playing what is essentially a 4-2-4.

January 21, 2019, 05:03:24 PM
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Haha, so we should sack Silva because Everton Mint was on holiday in Portugal once and found a pube in his soup and the waiter wasn't chuffed when he complained about it.

Let’s be honest, he probably wasn’t even in Portugal proper, more likely a bit of Portugal which is basically Sunny Britain like the Algarve.

January 22, 2019, 09:07:50 PM
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Feisty in here.

That’s a big sign that things aren’t progressing well at the club IMO.

Yes, there will always be outlier fans with fringe opinions but it seems like our fan base is split in two on the Silva conversation at the moment and that only happens when we’re all miserable because of what we’re seeing on the pitch.

January 25, 2019, 05:42:38 AM
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Cheers for the amazing effort, mate.

So, would that be like two 8's backing up a lone 10 (in Cleverley) or a 6 behind two 8's?

If it's the former, with our current personnel minus Gana, do you think Sigurdsson could do a duo 8 job with either Gomes or Davies with Bernard advanced and linking with the wingers and wing-backs, or would you favour Gomes and Davies behind Sigurdsson or Bernard?

If we’re going for the 6,8,8 model then there is no number 10 in the side.

Sig could maybe do one of the two 8s, he’s definitely got the engine for it I’m just not sure he’s got the discipline.

January 27, 2019, 02:36:29 AM
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Which ones do you reckon are the "losers'?

Players like Bernard, Digne, and Richarlison are winners, or at least potential winners in my opinion.

Richarlison os definitely a winner, fiercely competitive that lad