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August 21, 2018, 01:45:35 AM
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Went with a 442 (ish) again with 2 sitting midfielders. Schneiderlin/Davies being the deepest man at times with the two CBs splitting wide.

Sigurdson is benefiting from being played in this position too, I think this is where he plays for Iceland. Loved his change of feet to draw the foul for the free-kick leading to the first goal.

Not too worried about Tosun not scoring yet, he’s a good foil for Richarlison and Walcott.

I'll be more worried about Tosun if he hasn't bagged 2 or 3 by the 7th game, we've got such a good run of fixtures that if he can't score against those teams it'll be a huge red flag.

On Kenny he should have been loaned out and maybe will be if we can get another younger RB cover for next season, it's not like with strikers and midfielders where if you're winning 2-0 you can bring them on, you never really want to make an RB sub unless there is an injury.

The loan to Blackpool did Coleman a world of good and putting on some weight and a full season at a decent club could make him step up a level.