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October 01, 2019, 08:12:08 PM
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so we have more plays from Richarlison/ Coleman than Digne/ Bernard? I would never have thought that.

It is saying is that we have utilized that side a lot less than other teams, but as to the effectiveness of that play, it could be that we are efficient with the ball when we do have it there.

I would be tempted to move Richy across to the left for a couple of games and see if it makes a difference, and move Iwobi across to the right. We have to get Richy scoring goals, otherwise it will be a long season!

October 02, 2019, 03:52:02 PM
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And the secondary impact of those misses, aside from the scoreline, is we’re not influencing the game by scoring. Goals change games.
You score against a team implementing the low block, they have to come out of their shell and then you expose the space. The top teams do it all the time: score from a decent chance, it changes the complexion of the game and they go to get an easy win.

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This is a great point and the first goal really does change the game and open it up. We have failed to do that enough, and once you don't make a quick breakthrough, the players become frustrated and start deviating from tactics.

We need to stick with Silva, even though this period has been mediocre at best. We cannot expect success if we keep putting undue pressure on managers and chopping and changing. Imagine if your boss at work kept changing every 12-18 months, and the effect that this would have on you in terms of uncertainty. The players are the same, and they don't know if that particular manager will want to include them in his plans, causing stress.

Let Silva and Brands build something here - we shouldn't dismantle something that is so early in it's construction.

October 06, 2019, 09:58:30 PM
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Honestly I’ve no clue. I really don’t watch any football outside of Everton anymore so I’d just be having a guess if I said a name

I don’t so much think brands is incapable (again I’ve no clue) but his work so far has been a long way removed from the praise we’ve all given him on here (me included)

We’ve had 5 managers in a row (if we include unsworth) who’ve been totally out of their depth. Longer term we’ve had kenwright who failed in 2 ground moves and to find investment for about 30 years. Moshiri’s come in failed to get rid of kenwright and helped appoint said useless array of managers. Brands has come in and took twice as long as Walsh did to not get us a senior striker.

I don’t think it’s massively outlandish to question these people’s abilities to do their jobs

Koeman and Martinez have both managed to wangle their way into managing Belgium and the Netherlands, and both quite successfully? This is a serious question, and not aimed at anything you specifically have said, but is this a structural failure at a higher level at the club?

Do you think that we may have panicked in the past few years, and when things haven't gone right for a few games, we make rash decisions and sack a manager?

To me, there are embedded issues at Everton that are stopping us from achieving greater things. This doesn't just stem from one manager, or one set of players. There is no doubt that we have an incredibly talented squad.

I want success as much as anyone, but I am concerned that sacking Silva will not solve anything at the club, and just set us back further.

October 07, 2019, 12:07:16 AM
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Yes we have had a terrible start, but look at the results this weekend to get some perspective. Spurs lost 3-0 at Brighton, City lost 2-0 at home to Wolves, Newcastle are beating United, West Ham lost at home to Palace. All might be considered shocks, we are not the only team struggling for form.

Sorry if people think I am clutching at straws, but sometimes we do need to step back and look at the wider picture. This league gets stronger by the year, and I haven't ever seen it so competitive (excluding Liverpool and City).

The next 2 league games are absolutely huge for Silva and I believe it will make or break his career with us. West Ham at home is a must win now for him, and he also needs something at Brighton, which will be extremely difficult, otherwise I fear he won't be with us for much longer.

October 07, 2019, 04:56:52 PM
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I would love it if Brands said to him: "You're on thin f***ing ice my pedigree chum, and I shall be under it when it breaks".

October 07, 2019, 05:26:05 PM
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Should fucking get Bricktop in to scare these weak willed players we have, if it doesn't work just 'feed em to the pigs'

Feed 'im to the pigs Bill

October 07, 2019, 05:47:53 PM
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There have been lots of small insignificant things that have worked against us at the start that all add up - some of which are Silva's fault, and some a failure elsewhere:

- Richarlison off form after no pre-season coming back from Copa America.
- Failing to sign Zouma's replacement, and Keane/Mina subsequently struggling
- Injuries to both Gomes and Gbamin, forcing us to play Schneiderlin, who is utterly toothless. Delph has been OK, but has been forced to do all of the creative work and cover for Morgan too many times.
- Moise Kean has failed to hit the ground running. Chopping and changing between him and DCL has given neither any sort of run in the team or form, causing our finishing to suffer
- Bernard has been inexplicably left out of the team after striking a very nice partnership with Digne. Iwobi hasn't had a consistent role, and hasn't struck any meaningful partnership with any other player.
- Jury continues to be out on Siggy, who is wildly inconsistent and gets marked out of the game too often. He doesn't seem to know how to overcome this, which is why it is baffling to most why he hasn't been dropped.
- Our passing has been very poor and the build up play slow because of this. Our movement has become very static, which suits teams which sit back against us
- Overall finishing has been woeful. We are creating chances, but failure to put them in the net at crucial points of games has hurt us

There is no doubt that the manager has made a few major mistakes, and ultimately the responsibility does fall on him to get things right. But the players are the ones out there that need to create and score goals, and they need to take their fair share of flack. At the moment, they are both letting us down.

October 07, 2019, 07:16:37 PM
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Richarlison isnt out of form. He's played out of position to accommodate an average player

I think it is a bit of both to be honest. I don't think being played out of position helps, but as a winger, you shouldn't have too much of an issue playing the other side if you are in form.

November 04, 2019, 09:21:27 PM
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Only in football can a video replays be such a monumental fuck up.
I don't know if it was the sky stream I watched but after the var ruled no penalty for the alli incident, they showed a different camera view which made it so much clearer that the ball hit his arm and would more likely have given a penalty, only for the commentators to confirm var didn't have that camera view to use.
I mean WTF.. In rugby they seem to have a dozen views of the action at any point on the pitch.

In every other sport, they use technology seemlessly to aid the officials on the pitch, apart from football.

You could take a lot of different examples, but Cricket is a good one. They didn't just introduce the technology to help, they also created regulations around what is deemed worthy to overturn the umpires decisions. When they review LBWs, and the umpire doesn't give it out, when it is reviewed, the ball has to be hitting more than 50% of the stumps to be overturned. Football needs some sort of clarity like this to make VAR a success.

VAR is here to stay, but not in it's current format.

November 08, 2019, 08:54:16 PM
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It's more than just points though. We showed against West Ham that we can play well and with a decent intensity, the Brighton game we didn't play great but if that VAR goes our way there's a good chance we win that, our first come from behind win under Silva, then we beat Watford in the cup. Suddenly we're three wins on the bounce with one goal conceded and a monkey off our back, we go in to yesterday's game with a totally different mentality and confidence. We lost a goal yesterday to a poor individual mistake and got done by VAR again, while trying to get back into a match having watched a team mate sustain a horror injury. We can be critical of Silva and rightly so but he's made a lot of the changes people wanted but things outside of his control in the last two league games have prevented us building any momentum and confidence.

Completely agree. The margins in the league this year have been so tight and I do think Silva is doing the right things.

I just hope it starts clicking for him very soon.

November 08, 2019, 10:43:44 PM
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All fair points but I feel as if we've been doing this all season. Making what seem to be valid arguments on individual games and conflating that into a bigger picture that indicate things aren't so bad. However we're still not winning football matches or picking up many points.

Like someone said, not only is he an average manager but he's also a very unlucky one which isn't a good combination. Everything he's trying isn't coming off for a variety of reasons.

It's clearly not ideal to change your manager this early into the season and especially if your long term choice isn't available but how much longer can we limp along at a point a game before the warning light comes on.

I think the warning lights are already on, but given how close the table is, 2/3 wins in a row would change the whole complexion. Just hope he can figure out the right formula to get us moving again.

November 13, 2019, 09:34:41 PM
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I could put our mildly mediocre / fairly unpleasing start down to 2 things. Crap finishing and bad luck. That's not to say Silva shouldn't take some of the blame, but VAR has effectively taken the points from us that would leave us 5th.

BUT. We are 3 points off of 5th and are in the league cup QF, so no matter how bad results have been, it's still a chance to forget what has happened (albeit learn from mistakes), move on, and try to get a good run under our belts. A good run in December, i.e. not losing too many, should put us in a really good position for the rest of the season. Anfield could be a catalyst either way for us.

I know it is a positive spin on things, but I really do think we could still have a decent season. Norwich is a huge game for us given the horrendous run of fixtures after that.