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August 27, 2018, 03:12:57 PM
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A bit worried about the red card trend continuing.

From what I remember it’s a theme during Silva’s time at Watford.
it's not as if the two reds were from seriously bad tackles, not like some teams that want to kick you off the pitch. One was from a defensive mistake, the other from a silly move from Richarlison.

September 19, 2018, 10:01:23 PM
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I think he’s just guilty of being a little naive so far. He’s tried to play the way he’d like to (and the way Evertonians like to see us play) and he’s been caught out trying to do it mainly with players who can’t deliver it.

I think he needs to play the cards he’s been dealt a little more and wait until he gets a full set before going ahead with what I presume is his preferred plan.
You mean like Sam did. He even said it himself. He played to what he had available. Not saying I wanted him, but he did what he had to. You can't soar like an eagle when your stuck with turkeys.
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December 24, 2018, 08:46:22 PM
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He’s going 4-3-3 eventually, isn’t he. Surely?

Really don’t know how to solve the Sigurdsson situation. Clearly a very, very good player who is scoring goals...but we have to accommodate him up top where he puts in about 20-25 passes a game. He’s a passenger for too much of the play, while opposition sides stroll through the middle of the pitch.

Gomes Gana Davies worth a go I think, if we’re really never going to see Sigurdsson in CM which it doesn’t look like we will.
I'm sorry, but Davies brings nothing to the team. He hasn't pushed on at all. Siggurdson is a problem, but keeps on bagging goals so can't be dropped I don't think.

December 24, 2018, 11:20:54 PM
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If we can buy a CM in jan that we actually want then sound we deffo should but until then he’s our next best CM I suppose?

Also he wasn’t even that bad yesterday was he? I mean no worse than anyone else.
He was anonymous most of the game. Hardly noticed he was there as Spurs ran through midfield as if it wasn't there. He wasn't the only one true. Who can we realistically go for and get in January though?

January 01, 2019, 08:50:03 PM
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There is no sign of improvement or a plan. There are glaring issues throughout the team. If nothing is done to rectify any of them during January I will lose faith in the management team completely. Today's performance is yet another gutless display of ineptitude on a par with much of the last 2-3 seasons.

January 01, 2019, 08:55:53 PM
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I think we need to look at ourselves in some of this. Is it a coincidence that managers come to us with a good reputation, fuck up, get sacked then do well somewhere else? Appreciate its a 2 way street, but we are terrible supporters and Goodison must be a terrible place to play

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Well give us something to cheer about! There's not many better atmospheres than a bouncing Goodison. But there is no spark or anything to cheer about at the moment is there?

January 01, 2019, 10:23:08 PM
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But you want the players to work there socks off when things is going right... clearly doesn't apply to our fans or ???
But we need to give something back, it was like a morgue again today, absolutely nothing. The fans have just as big of a part to play as the players yet our heads go down faster than any other team in the league. I know its not great, but you see the impact a supportive set of fans have on the team at most other matches
The fans give their hard earned cash every time they go through the turnstiles. So, to say we need to give something back doesn't ring true. We already have done. It's the teams and managers responsibility to show the fans something to cheer about.

January 08, 2019, 02:06:01 PM
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Whilst I agree we’ve not been great the time to judge really starts now. He’s justifiably had a free pass for the first 6 months but realistically now is when we should start seeing some consistency of performance.

The standard of player he’s working with is far better than last season (with this month probably helping to refine the squad further) so he should now have an idea of how to get the best out of them.

Perfectly reasonable to start assessing a lot closer from now on. You’d especially want to see improvement on the 1/3 of all goals conceded from set pieces as a minimum.
I agree with sentences 1 and 3. The middle one, if the players are so much better than last season, why do the performances on the whole seem the same old shit as last season? I can't figure it out. Honeymoon period over, start producing the goods Marco.

January 23, 2019, 09:07:11 PM
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As long as we can have flange as well
x And gusset too  :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

May 04, 2019, 04:37:38 PM
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I wasn’t calling for his head but neither was I 100% convinced he was the right man. But over the past few months I’m starting to think (hope) this is the guy we need
There are a lot of managers out there that when things get tough they have no ideas how to get out of it. Silva has proved that when we struggled for a while, he stuck it out and has come out the other side with a team that plays good football again. I was also a doubter, but after the recent results, he is convincing me he can do the job. With backing from the owner with funds and Brands behind him I think we will see a greater challenge next season.

September 28, 2019, 01:18:02 AM
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You don't mind losing as long as the team have tried and had a go and showed some effort and committment, if the signs are there tomorrow for us to build on I can live with that, what I don't want to see is a limp performance producing a defeatist display and then a pathetic showing against Burnley. Its time to show some improvement.
If you change the "I don't mind losing" to " I hate losing, but as long as the team ..." etc. That would sound better.

October 01, 2019, 08:00:48 PM
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The biggest problem we have had this season is that our finishing has been, to put it politely, utter tripe.

In nearly every game this season, we have created a lot of chances, and not finished them off, with Richy primarily to blame.

EDIT - I have just looked at some stats:

- DCL is 5th in the PL for big chances missed
- Richy is 14th in PL for number of shots
- Everton are 6th in PL for big chances missed

Also as an aside, it is worth noting that we use our left hand side less than any other PL team, and less shots come from this side than any other side. Most of our play comes down the right hand side, where we are 2nd in the PL for amount of play down the right.

It has been a bad start, but it really could be worse.
so we have more plays from Richarlison/ Coleman than Digne/ Bernard? I would never have thought that.

October 05, 2019, 11:28:09 PM
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Unsworth no, been there done that, didn't work.
Mikel no, no managerial experience, unknown factor.
Moyes fuck sake! No
Ferguson no. If his coaching of our centre forwards is anything to go by.
Mourinho no, imagine his salary and pay off after it turns to shit again!

Who is available that could/would come here, and not as caretaker?

Pochettino? Dream on.

October 28, 2019, 09:19:14 AM
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When asked by the interviewer, "How do you come back from a goal behind to win?"
Jordan Henderson replied " improved mentality".........
Something Silva can't give to our players, or they haven't the capability to manage themselves.
Our team just bottle it every time it seems.