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September 02, 2018, 02:42:54 PM
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That's the point though, we are kindly to pick up this pace. We've got Richarlison to come back in, Gomes to get a game, Digne to settle and Bernard to hopefully add an exciting option. That's without even thinking about Mina as an extra defensive option. The likelihood is we will improve quite a lot in the coming months and aside from yesterday we have looked better than last season when we finished eighth.
we have only looked better than last season going forward. The rest is just the same as before. We gave up midfield to Huddersfield, defence all at sea for set pieces, and only 1 shot on target, 1 SHOT ON TARGET! At home. FFS come on. I agree with the 10 men against Wolves, but not Bournemouth as we went 2 up with 10 men. So that is unforgiving.

September 02, 2018, 06:21:49 PM
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So if we only look better going forward and we finished eighth last year then that's the least we can hope for this season so that's progress no? And that's ignoring my point about the new additions
I'm not ignoring the new additions. I agree they should improve the other departments. Jury is out on them until they've at least played some games. Don't you agree?

September 02, 2018, 06:33:24 PM
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While I agree with parts of this, I don't really see the point.

As a club, we're clearly in a better place off the field, and there have also been some encouraging signs on the pitch too. Hopefully even more so when the new players get involved properly. Zouma, for example, was great yesterday.

Of course, yesterday was frustrating but we're 4 games into the season! There are going to be games like this where teams sit in, but hopefully once all our options are back, we'll be better placed to break them down.

Annoying as it is, we just need to learn the lessons and move on.
Agreed, we are in a better place both on and off the pitch generally speaking. But we have thrown possibly 4 points away needlessly.  And we are not learning lessons are we! 4 goals conceded from set pieces using zonal marking. Not closing down games when 2-0 up with 15 mins to go. Sounds familiar doesn't it?