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September 02, 2018, 04:35:50 PM
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Throughout the course of a season, it's quite normal to have a few games where you're not quite at the races. We have to remember that this team is still very much in transition, following the shit-storms that were the last 12-18 months of Martinez, a big chunk of Koeman's time here, then fucking Sam Allardyce and his fucking god-awful negative tactics.
It is going to take a little time for Silva to fully put his own personal stamp on the side, but unbeaten in the league so far, the signs are quite positive. Whilst we have had a relatively comfortable start in terms of fixtures, a couple of these games would have seen us defeated last season, so it's not all bad.
We have a few more players to bed in, Bernard, Mina  and Gomes, plus a few who are already settling in nicely, Richarlison, Zouma and Digne.
Let's look at the positives. Digne's cross for DCL's equaliser today was straight from the vintage Leigton Baines book of perfection, Zouma is already settling fast and looks like he has the potential to be a beast, and Richarlison was flying until that stupid sending off, which he will learn from.
We've got another two from Barcelona to come in yet, plus a little Brazilian who has Neymar keeping him out of the Brazilian national team.
The transition is going reasonably well. We've ditched a fair amount of shite and replaced with what looks like quality. Kurt Zouma or Ashley Williams? Richarlison or the current spoilt brat version of Kevin Mirallas? Lucas Digne or Cuco Martina? You decide...