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January 02, 2019, 06:25:09 PM
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Seriously, lads?

Fair enough I but I massively disagree.  I’m not even saying he played well, but that was a level above anything Coleman has done this season.

He moves the ball a lot quicker for one. Coleman gets it, stops it, puts his hand out, then plays it square or loses it. Kenny gets it, plays a sharp pass and progress the play.

He can also put in a cross. His crosses aren’t even that good but they’re a lot better than the Coleman loft.

It was probably marginally better than Coleman has generally been and he can do things like play a pass into the box into feet which Coleman doesn’t do, but his decision making on when to try a dribble vs into feet vs cross is shaky, his dribbling in general is miles away from what a modern full back should be able to do.

He’s just not good enough at the minute and Coleman isn’t either to be honest. It shouldn’t be that big a deal but our whole game is based around boring full back crosses so I guess we should try and have good players there.

Reece-James from Chelsea is tearing up the champs for Wigan, has been better than antonee Robinson on the other side...

Wan-Bissaka would be mega expensive and I doubt he’d come. Same for pereira.
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January 02, 2019, 07:11:33 PM
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missed the game and know the result - should I watch it? leaning towards no at the moment

Unless you are a sadist who enjoyed Koeman’s era at its worst.