Match Ratings v Fulham

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Match Ratings v Fulham


Bring this back?

Pickford - 8 - One dodgy moment where he kicked the ball directly to a Fulham player but otherwise made top saves, especially from the header. Clean sheet as well.

Godfrey - 7 - Can't kick a ball but did well against a tough opponent and made a last ditch headed clearance
Tarkowski - 7 - Tempted to take away a point for his scuffed effort but he was generally solid throughout
Branthwaite - 6 - Not terrible but thought he had some ropey moments tonight where he tried to win the ball and came out second best
Mykolenko - 6 - No complaints

Garner - 4 - Mr Anonymous. Extra point for some decent deliveries at the end
McNeil - 4 - Not his position tbf but struggled to impact the game and put us in danger a couple of times with poor passing

Young - 6 - Did alright, not much going forward.
Harrison - 4 - Genuinely can't remember a single thing he did
Danjuma - 5 - Clearly has quality but just clearly way off his best form, still threatening though

DCL - 6 - Decent all-round performance but the goals just aren't there for him at the moment