How to add a game to the Bookies

This should be pretty straight forward, but as always, if you run into problems, give me a shout and I’ll help you out

So you’re at the main bookies page,

At the bottom there should be a link “Manage Events”

Click that to add a game or to edit any existing game

When you get to this, you can either “Edit” (by clicking the little notepad) or “Delete” games, by clicking the red X, I’d prefer it if we didn’t ever delete games though….

At the bottom of the game list is “Add Game” – this takes you to the main page to add a bookie evnt

It’s pretty straight forward, but you need to remember one thing – the server time is six hours behind our time, so subtract six hours from any kick off times. You can quickly find a date for a game by clicking the little calender option – then just edit the time to suit.

Pick the title – “Everton v Hull City” or whatever is fine – maybe adding “(FA Cup)” if it’s a cup game etc…

Select the category, an Everton game, other football games, or whatever

Click the box to make the event active

Write a description if you like, but this isn’t essential

Then enter the outcomes – again, this is pretty easy

Simply enter the options for the outcomes that people have – usually “Everton win” “Score draw” “No score draw” “Opposition win”

The odds are just written as odds – 10 to 1 is written as 10/1 – 5 to 2 is written as 5/2 – 3 to 1 on is written as 1/3

Nice and easy

Click save changes and the game is active

People can then bet on this event

To enter a result, simply go to the game you want to confirm the result for, and next to the outcome, click the round button next to what the actual result was – careful with this!

When you’ve checked you’ve hit the right result, click “Close event and notify players” and then hit save changes – THIS CANNOT BE UNDONE!!!

That’s pretty much it really – have fun!

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