NSNO End of Season Party 2007

Friday 11th May 2007

The Casa Bistro

29 Hope Street, Liverpool L1

The First NSNO End of Season Party

At the end of our third season of covering Everton and all that goes on inside and outside of Goodison Park, we decided that we all deserve a bit of a party. So, we’ve taken the plunge and after much debate and planning, we are proud to announce our first ever “End of Season Party” where we hope you will join us with some legends for a night of food, drink and Everton.

We’ve selected a handful of Everton legends to celebrate the end of season with usand we are sure their presence will make for an evening to remember, and pass on their tales to others who will wish they were there with you.

[lightbox=http://www.nsno.co.uk/e107_plugins/autogallery/Gallery/NSNO%20Gallery/NSNO%20FC/End%20of%20Season%20Party%202007/Alan_Whittle.jpg|Alan Whittle|NSNO End of Season Shindig|][/lightbox] [lightbox=http://www.nsno.co.uk/e107_plugins/autogallery/Gallery/NSNO%20Gallery/NSNO%20FC/End%20of%20Season%20Party%202007/Gordon_West.jpg|Gordon West|NSNO End of Season Shindig|][/lightbox] [lightbox=http://www.nsno.co.uk/e107_plugins/autogallery/Gallery/NSNO%20Gallery/NSNO%20FC/End%20of%20Season%20Party%202007/Tony_Kay.jpg|Tony Kay|NSNO End of Season Shindig|][/lightbox]

Alan Whittle was strong running and with a terrific engine, graduating through the School of Science before making his debut in a 6-2 rout of West Brom 2 months before the 1968 FA Cup Final.

Gordon West is an Everton institution, winning 2 league titles and an FA Cup with Everton.

Tony Kay was a ferocious tackling midfielder with a magnificent pass who could motivate his team-mates immensely. Signed in 1962 for a then record £55,000 he won the league with Everton in 1963.

Each and every one of them embodies the School of Science name, and lives by the club’s motto as if it were their life mantra.

The venue too, has been hand-picked to make for the best of evenings as our photos below show (click them to enlarge them) – providing an intimate environment while allowing for as many of you to participate as possible.

We have also secured a late bar for the evening

There is a fully licensed bar with some of the most reasonable prices you will find in town on a Friday night, food will be an informal buffet affair with all the best party food you could imagine, and all the usual Bingo styled games you associate with Sportsman’s dinners will be present – as well as a few extras!

[lightbox=http://www.nsno.co.uk/e107_plugins/autogallery/Gallery/NSNO%20Gallery/NSNO%20FC/End%20of%20Season%20Party%202007/Casa_Inside_3.JPG|Inside the Casa||][/lightbox] [lightbox=http://www.nsno.co.uk/e107_plugins/autogallery/Gallery/NSNO%20Gallery/NSNO%20FC/End%20of%20Season%20Party%202007/Casa_Inside_2.JPG|More inside the Casa||][/lightbox] [lightbox=http://www.nsno.co.uk/e107_plugins/autogallery/Gallery/NSNO%20Gallery/NSNO%20FC/End%20of%20Season%20Party%202007/Casa_Inside_4.JPG|The Stage Area||][/lightbox] [lightbox=http://www.nsno.co.uk/e107_plugins/autogallery/Gallery/NSNO%20Gallery/NSNO%20FC/End%20of%20Season%20Party%202007/Map_to_the_Casa.jpg|Map to the Casa|Maps|][/lightbox] [lightbox=http://www.nsno.co.uk/e107_plugins/autogallery/Gallery/NSNO%20Gallery/NSNO%20FC/End%20of%20Season%20Party%202007/Satelite_map.jpg||Maps|][/lightbox]

So, a Friday night in town at the end of the season with some Everton legends, all for £15? You’d best grab the tickets fast before the limited numbers sell out!

Bookings can be made online by paying via Paypal (no registration required, just a Debit or Credit Card) which is trusted by millions all over the world to send money, or in person on the night (please note there will be a very limited number of tickets available using this method) by calling the number on the picture above to book.

To purchase up to five tickets via Paypal click the button below…

For group bookings, we offer a discount package of 6 seats for the price of 5 at just £75. To take advantage of this offer click the button below…

If you are having trouble purchasing your tickets, please call 07931 570 495 for assistance and details on how to buy tickets in person.

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