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NSNO is always looking for new and interesting bloggers to add to the site’s “opinion” side of things, but what do we want from you and what can we offer in return?

Well, we offer a competitive salary package (competing with the totally non-paid and entirely voluntary sector)

A place to air your views, in their entirety – only the most vulgar and illegal comments will be edited out, assuming you stay away from hateful and downright incorrect statements.

Further exposure for your writing – a link to your own blog, or your Twitter account can be added to all of your blog entries.  Several writers who have started out writing on NSNO have gone on to write for national newspapers and world-famous websites.

Interaction from Evertonians across the world – a link to your blog entry will be posted to our forums, where our users will almost certainly add comment

And a place to refer people to in order to see your musings on Everton Football Club for as long as there’s an internet – NSNO doesn’t intend to close down, and we have provisions in place to maintain the site for decades to come.

So, what do we want from you?

A commitment to write about Everton Football Club on a regular basis – at least once a week, around 400 words, and every so often you can deviate and write about anything else you want so long as you loosely tie it back to Everton at some point!

Exciting and coherent opinions – we ALL hate Liverpool, and we ALL want to win every match, but it’s how you say it that sets you apart as a blogger for NSNO

A good standard of English – spelling mistakes can be edited out, so do it!  Paragraphs are your friend, so use them!  And punctuation is positively peachy.  You get the idea…

All your own work – sometimes it’s hard to find inspiration, and we understand that, so if you want a week off, take it!  We will protect your ownership of your work, because you’ve put a lot of effort into it, and we will also protect other people’s work too.

Some level of exclusivity – we know you’ll most likely have your own blogs too, but we would appreciate it if NSNO had exclusive rights to the FULL text of the blogs you write for us.  By all means include excerpts on your own blog and link back to the full article here, but we need to remain the only place on the web where your readers can enjoy the full blog.

Everton news coverage – We’re also always on the look-out for people to keep the site up to date with the daily goings-on around Goodison Park.  If you feel you have a few moments each day to give NSNO readers a unique take on the stories about Everton, then we’d love to have you on board.

And that’s about it really. If this sounds like something you fancy, then simply send an email to the address below and we’ll get you set up with an account so you can start blogging away!


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Staff Writer at NSNO.co.uk
NSNO Staff writers maintain the news on the site and ensure the site is updated frequently with the latest Everton news. Starting in 2004, NSNO has always been at the forefront of bringing you the latest Everton news and rumours, building a large forum and growing social media presence, which you can follow by clicking the links to the left.

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