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With Everton riding high in the league, money available for the January transfer window which doesn’t only include the revenue raised by selling Rooney, you’d think that slating our chairman would be the last thing on people’s minds.

Sadly, some fans find it hard to be positive, even in the sunny days where commentators utter the words “the big 3 all got 1-0 wins this weekend, Arsenal, Chelsea, and Everton”, and prefer to talk about the failed NTL deal of 4 years ago, or hit out at the Chairman over the Wayne Rooney sale.

However, in balance, Bill Kenwright isn’t doing that bad a job. We have the best young manager in the UK at the club, and he is “happy!!!” (note the exlamation points) in his position, and this quote comes from before our run of 7 games unbeaten.

Bill Kenwright is possibly the most approachable and honest (yes, honest) chairmen in the Premiership. After seeing banners calling for him to move aside as Chairman, a summer of “boardroom battles” and having “The Truth” leaflets thrust in his face by angry fans, who else would telephone a small independent website personally, at 8pm, and answer questions he knew would be asked of him at the EGM 3 days later?

Bill Kenwright did.

A week before I had sent an email to his office, an email which very nearly got swallowed in a vast barrage of abusive mails sent by forum users from another website, who shall remain anonymous, for now. After a few calls to his very helpfull PA, there came a promise that all of my questions would be answered.

At the close of business that day, I’ll be honest, I thought it was all blag to get me out of her hair, and that Mr Kenwright was just far too busy running a theatre company and a football club to bother answering questions he knew he had another 3 days to prepare for, when the phone rang. “Hi, it’s Emma, Mr Kenwright will speak with you now”…..pause….”Hello Simon, it’s Bill”…..

Now, due to me not being a real journalist, and highly disorganised, I had neither a pen nor paper to hand, nor the composure to write anything properly anyway. However, Mr Kenwright proceeded to answer all the questions I had put to him, and we spoke about all things Everton, a ground move, that boy, fans telling “The Truth”, his love of the club and his heart-break at seeing the turmoil fellow Evertonians were going through.

He spoke candidly and openly, more as a friend than the Chairman of the football club I have spent my years supporting, he sounded hurt at the accusations that were being bandied around, and confident when he told me that David Moyes was “happy!!!” – I would bet money on him being even happier now, 4 weeks down the line!

He may have his short-comings as a business man, he knows this, he may have jumped the gun when announcing things in the past, he knows this as well, but he has NEVER lied to Evertonians, he has no need to, he is in this for the love of the club. He works 18 hour days for the love of the club. He BUYS his families season tickets from the club, FOR THE LOVE OF THE CLUB.

So, for all those who are still harping on about whatever, let’s get behind the club, the players, and the board. We are doing well. Long may it last.

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