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Simply Unacceptable

Now before I start I’ll say this isnt an-anti anyone rant, I dont hold grudges against Kenwright, Gregg or Moyes personally, all i want is the best for Everton Football Club.

Watching the villa game tonight i can see this, we can pass the ball around well, neat one touch passing and triangles and squares and all that, probably straight off the training ground. But we dont go anywhere, we spend 20 minutes moving 20 yards up the pitch, give the ball away and then watch helplessly as the other team scores again.

So, what we need is someone with an engine, a bit of invention, someone who can stand in the middle and get the team working around them, Gravesen did this for half a season, and that’s why we’ve gone back to our usual relegation fighting selves.

There’s not a lot between us and any team outside of the top 6, we just dont have that magic ingredient, a bit of spark even so I still sit here wondering.

Why the f*ck does it take us 20 minutes to create a chance after going 2 down?

Why can we not take a corner or a free kick or a cross without it going to the first defender?

Why do we shit ourselves when we move forward?

Why do individuals perform but never the team?

Why dont we have any f*cking pride anymore? I’m sat there screaming at the telly every 20 seconds, the mistakes are unforgivable, so why isnt there anyone out there telling them its simply not good enough?

Most of the above can be resolved by the manager, and i dont think anyone can argue that we are not in better shape than when he took over this club, we cannot forget that, but pride? That’s what Moyes restored when he took over, one little sentence made us feel good about ourselves, an outsider saw we were the “peoples club” of Liverpool, he gave us a smile, and something to shout at those loveable reds.

He gave us pride when he nurtured Rooney, kept him away from the bastard media, eventually, however the boy outgrew this football club, we were doomed, but Moyes gave us pride again.

Fourth place last season was the time I’ve felt most pride wearing an Everton shirt in my 22 year life.

But now? where was the pride tonight? Who gave a shit out there? Nobody it seems, and thats the biggest crime of all.

Moyes, I believe, is still the right man for the job, but time’s running out Davey, fourth place and the right soundbite wont save you forever, now is the time for action.

[Submitted by blueiain]

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