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Time for change

The goings on at Goodison park yesterday 02/04/2011 were somewhat marred by yet another goal-line incident that surely has to be questioned.

In this day and age of “modern football” surely this has to now come into play, there has to be ways of doing it, I am sure that ice hockey as a sport must use it and I imagine to be something similar to this the fact that it happened to my team has prompted me to write this but I was only discussing the issues of overhead cameras and the like at football grounds for the offside rule and other such decisions early on in the week with a friend of mine and my brother.However there are other options, while I was looking round for some information on this subject I discovered this an innovation from a company called Cairos.

Ice hockey as I have mentioned Cricket, Snooker,Rugby, Tennis and probably a plethora of other sports use the like of <i>Hawk-eye</i>, which is a system of cameras around the stadium that triangulate the position of the ball and determine where it is on the field of play during any giving moment,it was introduced first to Cricket and has diversified to Snooker and Tennis since its conception, so why not Football I ask, well that’s down to the ever mind-boggling minds and mentalists who work for footballs governing body FIFA, at times you actually come to wonder have any of the members of the hierarchy at FIFA actually watched a game of Football.

FIFA have actually said that the goal-line technology would not be fair as every level of football could not use it, now I am sorry Mr Blatter and co, I am pretty sure that if there was an iffy decision during a Sunday league game in the Scotty road league or Hackney marshes for that matter, not one of the players would call for a replay, unless their mates were recording it for posterity on their mobiles.

For me the time has come to try something, if I can watch a goal at Goodison Park on the big screen within 5 seconds of it hitting the back of the net or on the TV within milliseconds, I know for a fact that I am going to be nonplussed waiting 5/10 seconds on checking a dodgy decision, why not try it like other sports, give teams an amount of challenges they can use to question a referees decision or non decision, I know that it would cause things like yesterdays goal that Aston villa scored against Everton to become obsolete, as Everton were still wondering why the decision had not gone their way and fell asleep letting Darren Bent in to score Villas second, would that not be a good thing, I reckon England fans would have been happy to have seen Lampards goal given in the World Cup 2010…

Technology has come a long way in recent years, football is hanging on to its old ways by the skin of its teeth, the introduction of the premiership to English football has given fans the wanton passion of success and now technology could help those fans urge their team forward by making decisions or non decisions a thing of the very grainy past, and maybe even bring a little more atmosphere to stadiums, the sound of the crowd at a Rugby match is testament to this whilst they await a decision from the video referee.



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