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Womens Football & the F.A.’s missed opportunities

On Monday 11th of April 2011 the FA launched the Women’s Super League in an attempt to professionalise the women’s game.

FAWSL launch

The FAWSL (women’s  super league) is a league consisting of eight teams from around the country these teams are as follows:

  • Arsenal,
  • Birmingham,
  • Bristol
  • Chelsea
  • Doncaster
  • Everton
  • Liverpool
  • Lincoln

Now if you are not involved in the world of football, this information may have passed you by, considering that the FA have said they want to promote as highlighted in the video above, have they missed a plethora of opportunities… in my eyes they have.


Consider if you will the first game Chelsea V Arsenal a big premiership fixture I think most will agree, so why not promote it as this and get it played somewhere a bit more substantial than here with all due respect to Tooting and Mitcham  surely with a bit of forward planning and a bit of support from their mother/father/sister clubs they could have played this at the bridge with just one stand open, yes it was on ESPN but did anyone who does not follow football or the woman’s game know it was on that channel, even the Merseyside derby a worldwide recognised fixture was not on TV there was no listing for this game  that was played last night 14/04/2011 why did the FA not use the names that are synonymous with football around the world to get the news out there . This game was not even played in Liverpool it was played in a little town called Skelmersdale at… again all due respects to a team that were formed only four years after my beloved Everton but with clubs that are in a higher profile bracket in the Merseyside area, why was this game not  played at any of those grounds? we have Everton, Liverpool, Tranmere and Bootle FC that I can think of off the top of my head ( and yes I know Tranmere is over the water from us but it is still a more recognised ground than Skelmersdale’s( no offence to Skelmersdale)

More to the point why is each match not on the TV surely one of the more obscure TV channels could have got a bit of a heads together session and see what they could get off the FA. I would have, I would have said to the FA “hello there we have the facility to film each and every match for the new FAWSL and we would like you to pay us £xxxxx ” what would be the harm what would the FA lose out on especially if it was a network with advertisements the revenue would still be generated through that alone, thus opening up the world of women’s football and their new league to possibly a wider audience.

This league is to played during the summer months so it does not clash with the mens game which in essence is fine but if you don’t promote it fully no-one is going to know about it, I have seen a couple of the girls from various teams on different shows and heard them talking about it on Talk-sport but as I have mentioned previously if you are not involved in sport or only have a passing knowledge I don’t think you would have known about it.

Its not about the standard of football for me, its about football whatever guise it may be in, if football is on I will watch (certain exceptions to that rule that I will not go into here) I will support Everton in any game they play in, so I will finish by saying I hope the Everton girls do well in this league and they go onto win it and hopefully things will improve for the women’s game…




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