He’s got red hair but we don’t care?

David Moyes at WembleyEverton have a potentially season defining FA Cup game tomorrow yet the forums and social media are virtually silent on the subject, says David Martin.

Instead, there is much debate on the future of David Moyes.  Much of this talk is of course fueled by Moyes himself.  His cryptic comments and hints about his future have led to fans becoming increasingly impatient as contracts talks, much like they did around five years ago seem to be making little progress.  First it was after the transfer window, now it is let us see where we are at the end of the season, Moyes’s reluctance to commit is starting to make fans understandably twitchy!

Of course, Moyes has every right to wait as long as he wants to sign his contract but the club also have to be wary of what will happen if he doesn’t sign and you have to hope they have contingencies are in place.  It is likely Moyes is posturing much like he did prior to his last set of drawn out contract discussions  possibly trying to maximise money for himself or hopefully the team but it is also possible that after ten years, Moyes has had enough.

That isn’t to say Evertonian’s need to hit their panic buttons.  David Moyes despite proving himself to be a very good Manager respected by both his peers and the media has, nevertheless never appeared to attract the serious attentions of the top clubs.  It is difficult to see where he will go next with no immediate Premier League vacancies likely to become available aside from Chelsea, a club that Moyes is almost certainly not fashionable enough for.  While often rumoured to be on Manchester United’s shortlist Alex Ferguson is yet to retire and their are few guarantees he would be considered.  This leaves the Clubs across Europe with Moyes expressing an interest in Managing in Germany.   His ability to thrive on meagre transfer budgets would certainly suit Germany’s financially stable game, whether any of the big clubs would come knocking, remains to be seen.

Perhaps, the most likely reasoning for Moyes stepping down as Everton Manager is so he can simply wait for the right job to come along.  He certainly appears to have upped his profile in the media, appearing on numerous football shows to provide analysis and maybe he simply wants a sabbatical?

All of these things and none of them could be true but even if David Moyes does walk away from Everton it does not automatically herald catastrophe.  There seems to be a clear division between supporters at times between those who would say, “In Moyes We Trust”.   Here is a man who has worked wonders on a meager budget .  However, many also believe that despite stabilising Everton, he should have won something in his tenure and that maybe a fresh face wouldn’t bring the doom upon us that many predict?

I tend to think  that David Moyes is capable of winning something at Everton but he will likely never have a better time than now with the current team he has assembled capable of beating anyone when on top of their game.  Sadly, this is also an aging team that will likely begin to be dismantled in the near future and it is possible that both for David Moyes and Everton, starting yet again to build a squad could be a stretch too far.  Some have even stated that it will take the departure of Moyes from Everton to wake up the board and fans to how desperate things are.  There is a case for this but the idea that we have to become bad before we become good isn’t one that sits well with me.

Finding a successor to David Moyes won’t be easy but it isn’t impossible.  As good as he is, and as thankful as I am for what he has done for Everton he has as yet to prove himself a winner.  He is certainly, at this time no Catterick or Kendall and although any replacement would carry a risk, Everton will move on, will evolve and who knows they may even get better?  David Moyes has become an important part of Everton Football Club but he is not Everton Football Club.  If he stays then I will be pleased but if he goes I will say thanks for the memories but let’s see what the next guy can do.

As long as the next guy isn’t Sam Allardyce!

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Dave Martin

Lower Bullens as a child, Gwladys Street as an Adult and now in Family Enclosure with the new generation. Was there in 95 and hope I will be there at some point in the future.

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