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Gerard Deulofeu away 2013-14Apparently Everton have become the first club in the history of the Premier League to loan more than one player. It would also appear that using the loan system is tantamount to cheating. This is particularly the case if your team is improved in any way or starts winning. Quite frankly if they don’t stop this winning malarkey other teams will be forced to pick up their ball and take it home.

Of course I am being incredibly flippant but like many Evertonians I have become increasingly irked by a decent chunk of the media claiming we are somehow abusing the loan system. The insinuation that using loan players to bolster your team is somehow unsavoury or unethical has been hinted at as if any success is somehow attributable to someone else.

It is true that Everton have benefitted significantly from loan signings this season. The astute signings of Gareth Barry, Gerard Deulofeu and Romelu Lukaku by Roberto Martinez has improved an already good team and have took Everton to the brink of a very successful season. However, the insinuation that the loan players are the only reason we are doing so well ignores several other positive factors.

James+McCarthyOur football has evolved and improved since David Moyes left and we now play a system that appears very effective. Tactically Roberto Martinez appears far more positive than David Moyes making a number of daring substitutions and proactive changes that have altered the course of a match. There is also the minor matter of arguably our best players this season being permanent signing James Mc Carthy, an emerging Ross Barkley and more recently Bryan Oviedo. To say that the loan signings are the sole reason for our success is at best inaccurate and at worst disingenuous.

Not that any of this matters and do not let one person reading this think I am trying to somehow justify Everton’s behaviour. They have done nothing wrong. At last count Liverpool, Fulham, Newcastle and a number of other teams have loaned players this season. The only difference is that Everton’s loans have made a notable impact. Are the clubs being loaned from or the players on loan unhappy at the situation? No, they get a fee, wages paid and potentially the player develops. Everton get a player who wants to play and is eager to prove themselves. It’s win win for everyone involved.

It would seem the only method of winning acceptable to the media is to buy success no matter the cost to the game in the long term. Quite frankly I know which model I prefer and I hope Everton continue to “abuse” the loan market for a long time to come.

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