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Martinez: Defeats hurt me

Soccer - Everton FC - Goodison Park Stadium UpgradesEverton boss Roberto Martinez has said that he understands the frustrations from Everton fans this season but knows that the supporters will be fully behind his side in the last 10 games of the season.

In a full and frank interview with the Daily Telegraph, Martinez explains how management is “ingrained” in him, and that after a bad result he can be “very bad company.”

“I was born into this,’’ said Martinez of his younger years.

“My dad was a manager locally [of Club Futbol Balaguer]. I never sat on the bench with my father but a couple of times when I was very young, I was a mascot, and was around the bench. He brought that way of living with results into the home. If Dad had a good game on Saturday, we had a great week.

“If Dad lost the game we were all in a terrible mood. We couldn’t get anything from him. Management’s ingrained in me. But I don’t see management as pressure. It’s the way I live.

“I do get disappointed but I never go into dark places. No, no. I go in front of the laptop and watch the game. I can be very bad company.

“When you are a football fan, and you lose a game, it’s awful because there’s nothing you can do until the next game. As a manager, I have the big advantage of being able to see what went wrong, the things not working, how we can change it for the next game, the partnerships we can create, and work with the players.

“I always wanted to be involved in football. I had to pay a big price for football which was leaving my family at the age of 16 [to join Real Zaragoza]. When you make that decision so early in your life that sets high standards.”

Martinez also knows all too well that the Blues have squandered winning positions more than most teams in the Premier League, and knows why it has happened.

“We’ve got in winning positions, but we haven’t mastered how to keep those leads. We are the team with the biggest number of points lost from winning positions – 17 points which changes completely where you are in the table [8th rather than 14th].

“It’s not a physical element. Opposing teams are now paying a lot of respect to us when they come into Goodison because of what we did last season. They are very conscious defensively. We’ve done it in Europe against the best teams. Look at what we’ve done against Wolfsburg. They lost only two games in 29 [four in 34 this season], both against Everton. Great performances.

“Our philosophy is that we want to be a team that always goes out for a win, to find a way to control the game, be a dominant force, be dynamic, be flexible tactically.

“We know we can go to Goodison for the last six games of the season, knowing that the fans understand that we need to be together, that we need the support from the beginning. We started the season with real expectations of achieving something special in the league. As it stands we never got any momentum. We need our fans. We need everyone to help the players. We need to use Goodison as our safe place.”

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