John Stones should stay at Everton!

It would appear that no one in the national media are saying it. Neither are the plethora of pundits and dullards that frequent the various television and radio stations so maybe it’s down to us to say it?

The reasons given for John Stones leaving Everton are self serving and often delusional. Apparently, he would be better off sitting on the bench and playing fifteen games at Chelsea this season. He would also be better at Manchester United getting tortured by the fans and the press the minute he misplaces his first pass out of defence. John Stones “needs” Champions League football to progress. Perhaps this is valid but he’s already an England International and has already played against some of the best players in the World. What John Stones needs is to play football.

At 21 years old in only his second season were he is even considered first choice at Everton (something that even then maybe only happened because of Distin’s amazingly rapid decline) it would be a bad footballing decision and potentially footballing suicide for the defender to leave Everton at this time. It’s like people don’t remember what happens to players who move too soon in their development. Premier League history is littered with them. Everton fans of course will immediately point to Jack Rodwell who has yet to fulfill his early, undoubtedly exceptional talent. However, he is far from the only one does anyone actually remember Scott Sinclair? For every Rooney (who again some would argue never quite achieved his potential), there is a long list of young players who have destroyed their chance at stardom with a big money move made too soon.

John Stones can make bigger money somewhere else there is no doubt about that. He can maybe even win his first medal or trophy. However, if he stays at Everton at least for the time being he will be a lynchpin, a massively important figure to all at the club and he will be allowed to develop by a fanbase and a club that have come to understand very quickly just how good he could be. He is not the finished article but he can have no finer mentor and partner than Phil Jagielka who has seen it all and is the epitome of Professionalism. Roberto Martinez for all his faults has been steadfast and resolute in ensuring that he knows Everton want him to stay and how Everton is the place for him to become as good as he can  be. The question for Stones is does he want to become the World Class player every Evertonian knows he can be? If the answer is yes, for now at least the only sensible option is for him to stay at Everton.

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Dave Martin

Lower Bullens as a child, Gwladys Street as an Adult and now in Family Enclosure with the new generation. Was there in 95 and hope I will be there at some point in the future.

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