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Takeover talk isn’t actual takeover talk

Wall Street sourceIt must be international weekend, because there is more talk of an Everton takeover in the media today, complete with quotes from the street cleaner on Wall Street.

The Daily Star, of all places, claims that they have a source on Wall Street who says Everton are “close to a takeover” but who, when you read his comments, doesn’t.

The “Source of Wall Street” says the same things that those fellas from Kansas said the other week about there may possibly be some sort of talk of Everton among some rich people.

However, there’s no real new information, but headline hungry tabloid journalists will revel in the number of clicks their story grabs.

The “Wall Street source” said, “I would say the chances of Everton being sold are higher than they have been for some time.

“Interest in the Premier League has never been higher. I know of several groups looking to invest in clubs over there, and Everton is certainly a name I hear mentioned.”

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