Everton are on the rise, and Liverpool fans can’t stand it

Bramley Moore - Home of Everton FCFor years now, a lot of Liverpool fans have loved nothing more than to call Evertonians bitter, but since the early rumours that Everton would be moving to Bramley Moore Docks, those same fans have taken bitterness to a whole new level.

From hilarious radio phone-in’s where callers pledging their support to Liverpool claim that the docks “need to be left alone so the Welsh can get the ferry and go to TJ Hughes” or “they could put a ferry on to Blackpool that would be popular” to countless Twitter accounts screaming blue murder about Everton’s new stadium.

Most seem to miss the point that Everton have a billionaire owner these days and claim that Liverpool City Council – a council that many will never have paid council tax to – will be footing the bill.

Almost all seem to miss the point that while their club purposely ran down the area surrounding the Anfield stadium in order to make their plans for a new Big Stand, Everton are preparing to regenerate not one but two areas of the city by first investing in an area so completely devoid of any kind of use, and then by regenerating the area around Goodison Park once the move is complete.

But let’s be honest, none of the above are anywhere near the real reason for the irksome neighbours to be irate.

No, the real reason is that “plucky little Everton” are planning something they can’t have.

In order to get planning permission for their failed attempt to build on Stanley Park, Liverpool Football Club discounted every other potential site put to them by the council – including several dockside sites – out of hand.  They were only interested in getting permission to take land away from the people of the city and build on that instead.

“Plucky little Everton” are planning to put themselves at the heart of one of the most iconic waterfront scenes in the world.

“Plucky little Everton” are about to unveil plans for a stadium that will prove once again that the Blue side of Merseyside are the football pioneers.  From building Anfield to leaving for Goodison Park, Everton have always been the ones making sure that Merseyside has a truly world class football stadium.  Bramley Moore Dock will continue that theme, leaving the red side of the city to look on in envy from the wrong side of Mere Lane.

Their envy and bile has nothing to do with the lies they are spouting about the city’s Mayor – why would the majority of Liverpool fans care if an area of the city they never visit is being regenerated anyway?  It is purely down to jealousy and fear.

To borrow a phrase from the early naughties when Chelsea were buying the Premier League title – “Everyone hates Chelsea because they’re ruining football, except Liverpool, they hate them because they’re jealous.”

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