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Lukaku: I want to be remembered for winning things with Everton

Romelu Lukaku EvertonEverton striker Romelu Lukaku has spoken to the media this week about his feelings at the club and the talks about him leaving the Blues this summer.

Lukaku was speaking at the Kick it Out event at Finch Farm yesterday when he was asked a number of questions by reporters about his future at the club.

The Belgian clearly wants Champions League football in his career, and feels that if he is performing at that level he could be seen as one of the best strikers in the world, but he also speaks about wanting to win trophies with Everton and be remembered alongside the great teams of the 60’s and 80’s.

He said, “I’m really happy. I’m really happy but I can’t say that I am overjoyed. There have been parts that we could have done better.

“We have a team that has a lot of quality and a lot of ability but we let ourselves down before Christmas. One win in 10 games? That’s where we let ourselves down.

“But I think at the time we were adapting to the way the manager wants us to play. When you play in a certain way for a number of years then there is change to the system then for us it is difficult to adapt. You are used to training a certain way.

“Your body is used to certain things. Now it is a total different regime and you have to adapt.

“Okay, now we are doing well. Everyone is happy. But we cannot stay at this moment.

“We have to become stronger, we have to become technically and tactically better. We have to start winning big games. That is what it is all about.”

Lukaku was convinced to stay at Everton for another year when Ronald Koeman took over as manager in the summer, and he says that if he had felt he had nothing more to learn from his time at Everton, he would have left.

“If I didn’t think I would have learnt something from him I probably would have left. I probably would have said: “You know what, I don’t have the energy or whatever.”

“But from our first conversations when I was at the Euros in France they were really honest, we spoke a few times and he explained how he wanted to play, how he expected things and stuff and I was just listening to what he had to say.

“I told the manager it will take a few weeks, but once I get it, don’t worry, it will be fine.

“I am just playing football and just trying to do whatever I can to help Everton Football Club become a better club. Like every team-mate.

“We want the best for the club because we have great facilities, good fans. An example like Everton in the Community who work hard, you have a good bunch of lads. But at the end of the day fans want to see trophies, players want trophies so we need to try more, give a bit more.

“That is the only thing I would say.

“You should not shy away from it. Like if you don’t win a trophy there is something that has gone wrong because if you have the belief that you can do something, you can do it. If you have the belief and you work hard for it and you focus on that you have to deliver and you really deliver then you can get it. Nothing is going to stop you. That is how I think.

“Sometimes in my games I am like, ‘Today it is going to happen.’ And it happens. Sometimes it doesn’t happen but at least you have to give it a go. If you don’t give it a go, it is a chance going past you like that.

“Everton as a football club has a great history right. But the future has to be written. You get me?

“Because we always talk about the teams of the 80s and 70s and if you look it was great. But we as players we want the fans talking about us instead of us talking about them. No disrespect but you know what I mean.

“You want to be remembered as well. No matter where you play you want to be remembered. You cannot only be remembered by scoring goals, you want to be remembered by winning trophies at the end of the day.

“That is what the fans want.

“So instead of living in the past, you have to think ahead. How this club has to grow, how this club has to improve, which player does it want to bring in so you can challenge for the big trophies.

“Then like sometimes I will speak to Vincent Kompany who was at City when it all happened. He said, ‘Rom, one summer I just came in and boom, boom, boom, boom… Robinho from there, that guy came in, this guy came in, this guy came in (clicking fingers) and then everyone was criticising them but at the end, they had League titles, FA Cup here, League Cups there.

“That is what we want as players.”

When asked if Everton could make those moves, he said, “I don’t know, I don’t know what the board’s plan is. I don’t really know.

“I don’t know what the plan is because I cannot be focused one thing and then… my focus is on the pitch and if something happens I will hear it or see it. That is the only thing (I can do).

“As players the only job we have is train and play, train and play, train and play, train and play.

“It is a little bit frustrating but, at the end of the day, we have fantastic players. We cannot look at the others, we can only look at ourselves. We are the only ones to blame. We cannot blame the fans. We cannot blame the manager.

“The manager has to choose from 25 players and if you don’t work hard enough.

“I mean you are not going to give the fans what they want. Us as players we need to give a bit more and that is a nice challenge. I really relish that challenge to be fair, I relish that challenge. The last 10 games of the season I think: “Bring it on. Let’s go.”

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