Imagine if Liverpool fans genuinely didn’t care about Everton’s summer spending

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The words “bitter” and “obsessed” are often heard around Merseyside when talking about the rivalry between Everton and Liverpool, but now it seems to be the red side who want to live up to those tags.

Taking a break from promising each other that this year is definitely the year they’ll win the Premier League, and in between protesting about Everton’s new stadium, they’ve decided that they’re going to demonstrate that they don’t care about Everton – by repeatedly talking about Everton.

Jamie Carragher was credited with “trolling” Everton fans by saying that none of our new signings would get into the Liverpool first team.  Until a hat full of screenshots of previous news stories linking Liverpool with big money moves for Michael Keane and Jordan Pickford were sent to him.

Dietmar Hamman also reckons that Liverpool shouldn’t be worried about Everton’s spending, while there are comments that Everton’s spending is “wasteful” – but in the next breath saying that spending £70m on a player from some provincial German side is astute business.

And then there’s the “open letter” which contains as many swear-words as you can get away with teaching in Norwegian schools.

“We don’t care” the letter, carefully typed on photoshopped headed paper, boasts.

But they do.   And they worry.  The worry  more about us this summer than a 1970’s BBC TV host worries about a knock on the door early in the morning.

They’re worried that “little old Everton” are waking up again and will leapfrog them not only in the Premier League, but onto the banks of the Royal Blue Mersey and the most iconic waterfront in the world.  They’re panicking that the stadium they demand should be blocked in favour of boat trips from Rhyl to TJ Hughes can start up again will be filled with fans watching a world class Everton side.

Oh Liverpool, we’re all laughing at you.

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