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Allardyce appointment marks new low point in Everton history

Allardyce EvertonThe appointment of Sam Allardyce as Everton manager marks a new low point in the history of the club that will leave historians scratching their heads in years to come.

How did it come to this?

Everton have gone from the uninspiring but relative safety of David Moyes, through the excitement of attacking football in Roberto Martinez, and the confusion over how he earns a living from football management in Ronald Koeman.

But Sam Allardyce?  And worse, he’s bringing Sammy Lee with him.

I’ll be honest here, it stings a bit that I have to create a category on this site under “Everton managers” and call it “Sam Allardyce.”  This wasn’t meant to happen.

We have a rich new owner – albeit apparently only rich because his former boss wanted to escape paying tax, but still, it’s his money, honest guv’ – and we spent more than most fans dreamt possible in the summer.

How have we ended up in what is quite clearly a relegation dog fight?

Sacking the two previous managers without a clear plan on how to replace them might be one reason.  Blindly allowing the previous manager to spend wildly on players like Sandro and Davy Klaassen who clearly weren’t ready for the Premier League could be another. Perhaps the biggest reason, however, was not fixing the broken relationships that Koeman has left behind.

He didn’t “get” the fans, and never wanted to.  He thought Everton were a stepping stone to bigger things.  He’ll be at Sunderland before he retires, though.

He didn’t get on with Steve Walsh and didn’t believe in his acquisitions.  Ademola Lookman – clearly one for the future and a Walsh signing if ever there was one – scoring on his debut was Koeman’s worst nightmare.

But the blame lies firmly with the board.

Rifts were obvious at the club and weren’t fixed, and no plans were made for when it all came to a head.  Now, it has taken six weeks to appoint a manager very few Evertonians actually want in charge, and it’s been mismanaged to the point where he is now the club’s only option, and a man like Sam Allardyce is not going to let Everton off the hook lightly when it comes to negotiating a deal.

But Sammy Lee. Everton have agreed to let the lifelong Kopite hobbit of the football world into our club.  At family functions he joins in the hatred towards Everton, and has a lifelong connection to Liverpool.  Now, Everton are so desperate to get an ageing journeyman manager that they have agreed to allow him through the doors of Finch Farm – two weeks before the Anfield derby.  Not only that, but they are paying him.

There have been darker days in our history, but on the chart plotting our fortunes, the appointment of Sam Allardyce drags the line firmly towards the bottom.  Let’s just pray he can drag the team in the opposite direction.  It will be interesting to see if the board answer to us shareholders if doesn’t.

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