Sam Allardyce

Allardyce seeks assurance over his future at Everton

GP pitchConsidering the recent survey fiasco by Everton management, Sam Allardyce is keen on getting more clarity about his future at the club. And he wants it from none other than Farhad Moshiri, the majority shareholder.

It’s common knowledge now that he has already received a formal apology from Bill Kenwright, the chairman of the club, for the marketing error wherein the club’s fans were asked to mark his performance out of 10.

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He confronted the questionnaire issue head-on at a recently held press conference, starting by making his own statement, rather than fielding questions from the journos.

Thereafter, he appealed to the club owner Moshiri, to end all uncertainty regarding who’d be in charge of the team post the ongoing season.

When asked by the press if he wanted Moshiri to come out with a formal statement in this regard, and clarify that it would indeed be him, he said that he wouldn’t go on record making that kind of request, but agrees with the journalists that it would be the right thing for the club owner to do.

The press statement

Speaking further to the press, the manager said that he hasn’t yet had a word with the board members regarding their future intentions.

He said, “I don’t think it is my position. I leave them to make their mind up about what they do and what they don’t want to do. His [Moshiri’s] life is hugely busy in terms of what he does in the day-to-day running of a massive, multi-billion pound company. The direction from him has to come from the people he chooses below him and who he chooses to work with at the football club.”

On the whole, he’s been sulking about the rating given to him by the Evertonians.

Accepted the uncertainty

Sam Allardyce did accept the fact that the concerned incident has indeed created some sort of uncertainty around his future at the club. He stated that if no clarity comes from the club owner and the management, then journalists will be free to speculate anyway the like. Any such happening would create unwanted pressure on the team.

He said that he isn’t the ultimate boss of the club. He’s just the boss of the Everton football team and is concerned only with the football-related decisions made at the club. It’s the board that decides when and where they want to come out with any formal statement.

Hasn’t lost his humour!

Earlier during the press conference, he side-lined the controversies surrounding the survey with a very sparky humour! When asked that what rating he’d give himself on the survey, he said “P— off,” before adding a nice “Eleven!”

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