An unforgettable season……but for all the wrong reasons!

international breakHindsight is a wonderful thing, an exact science, call it what you like but there is no way Evertonians would have envisaged the season we’ve had.

I mean for Christ’s sake, Sam Allardyce actually being mooted as manager was bad enough, but to have him in charge, unthinkable and unbearable.

The man has dragged us around the Premier League, playing extraordinarily dreadful football, whilst wavering between blaming everything on the players or completely treating the supporters with a complete lack of respect and total contempt. He has proven himself to be quite the mercenary, happily picking up a reportedly ridiculous salary which overshadowed coaches of the calibre of Zidane, Allegri and Emery (who have all won a number of trophies recently!) and Pochettino’s reported new offer from Spurs also falls well short.

Clearly the up keep of ‘Casa St James’ is a pricey business!

Allardyce’s whole demeanour has exuded the air of someone clearly delusional, believing he has done his job and not understanding in any way the 100% negative satisfaction rating he has garnered from the fans. For the older fan, some may recall the character ‘Jon Stark : Football Mercenary’ from the pages of Scoop magazine in the 70’s….Allardyce has created and become the managerial version.

The very fact that this was allowed to happen is as criminal as the hiring. It was recently pointed out that Everton have always thrived on having a good team culture and players were bought who would fit into that culture. Unfortunately Moshiri, on showing what a generous and wealthy owner he is, ran into the transfer target shop and threw the cash around like a complete lunatic. Now, most pundits waxed lyrically about how Everton would offer a greater challenge this season and doing business so quickly would only be a benefit, but they are pundits for a reason and events have proven these pundits horribly wrong. Most have taken the wise after the event approach, but what about the club. How much influence and say does Moshiri have? Clearly far too much.

He is an unusual character who has provided a lot of negative press for the club with his Lukaku comments and his role in the ‘Paradise Papers’ debacle. His apparent desperate desire to have Usmanov on board suggests to me he wants to repay his business partner for previous favours by allowing them both to have maximum influence and say at Everton, something they were repeatedly denied at Arsenal.

His choice of Allardyce, and the salary paid really beggars belief and you have to question the business acumen of this man. His ego seems to need constantly massaging and, as is the way today, the must have accessory for the uber wealthy is a Premier League club. Sadly we have become Moshiri’s plaything. For all Kenwright’s protestations (he did alright though, didn’t he?) that Moshiri loves the club and has great ambition and aspirations etc etc, blah blah blah I just don’t feel comfortable with the bloke.

Everton have always been a class act, doing things right on and off the pitch, yet we have spent this car crash of a season, at times looking both crass and boorish due in no small terms to our leadership. As a fan it has felt like I’ve been rubbernecking this crash through the season, watching in shock at the horror unfold.

The lack of confidence, the lack of cohesion, the lack of belief, the unwillingness to play so many talented players especially the vast array of U23 talent we have has, to put it mildly, disappointed Evertonians. Surely a manager and the team he assembles should actually coach up players, should instil confidence in those players, should provide a platform for them to thrive and be tactically astute, well at £6M a pop you’d bloody hope so, but no.

No doubt Allardyce is already working on his next payday, after we pay him off, with the Baggies apparently interested (all the best with that!) yet he stooped even lower this week when his pal Neil Custis decided to have a go at the club and the fans. The Custis family ties to Allardyce have been well reported this week, so to use them as a tool against the club and the fans is appalling and yet another example of just how low we have fallen. Allardyce’s complete unwillingness to shoulder any blame and to treat proud fans like garbage has to end and the sooner the better.

We can only hope Moshiri has woken up and realised the error of his ways, but is he willing to listen and take sage advice or will he plough on regardless? He is another example of a bloke incapable of admitting he got it wrong and doing the right thing. No wonder he and Allardyce get on so well.

Role on May 13th so we can get this all behind us!

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Born on the banks of the Royal Blue Mersey, on a late 1960’s Saturday in December to be greeted by a 3-0 Everton victory over Sunderland (the other lot could only draw at Newcastle!). Followed a long line of Evertonians which continues with my daughter. Exiled to the Midlands through education, work and marriage but wherever I go, Everton are there.

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