Everton: The Essential Upcoming Games

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With just about squeezing into the top ten of the Premier League, Everton has had a tough few matches over the past weeks and although there have been glimmers of hope from some players, there are more causes for concern.

There are some obvious reasons for all the problems that the club is facing. At the top of the list is a lack of enthusiasm amongst the players. They have enough skill to give the toughest teams a run for their money, but that all-necessary spark seems to be missing. Add to that the constant speculation about Marco Silva’s departure, and it’s easy to see that the atmosphere in the locker room is quite intense. The bookmakers are already at it and have listed him at 7/2 odds to be the next manager to leave.

As it is, with three manager changes in two years, the team is finding it difficult to come together and play as one. But miracles do happen, and Everton has the passion and star power to play some spectacular games. So, whether you are a fan of the Blues or a punter looking to make some money, keep an eye on the remaining Premier League matches where Everton can cause some major upsets.

Everton vs Chelsea

Chelsea has been majorly erratic over the last few games. They have won some easy ones, but when it comes to the real stuff, they have faltered badly. The 6-0 loss against Manchester City, who is leading the points tally with a listing of 8/11 odds to win the trophy, is going to play heavy on the team. For Chelsea, this is their most significant loss in 28 years, and that gives Everton the perfect opportunity to come up and leave them trailing behind when the teams go head-to-head in March.  

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Everton vs Fulham

Fulham is on the backburner right now, trying their level best to qualify for next season. Among the last few teams on the scoreboard, these are the type of games where Everton needs to make that extra effort and score some significant goals. For punters, there is no better game to utilise their free bets. Ranging anywhere from £10 to £100, by using these promotional bets offered by bookmakers, bettors can significantly increase their earnings. That is not to say that Fulham is an easy target. They are even more determined to play well from fear of relegation. Bookmakers have the team at 1/9 odds for relegation, but Everton fans should see their team go past Fulham without much trouble.  

Everton vs Arsenal

The first week of April will see Everton take on Arsenal. The last time the teams met, Arsenal was able to beat Everton 2-0. However, they seem to be losing some speed with each passing game. Still, this will be one of the toughest games for Everton. Arsenal is listed at 1500/1 to win the Premier League, so the bookmakers no longer have faith in them either. For the punters though, it is not always about the big trophy as each game presents an opportunity to make a profit. Undoubtedly, Arsenal will be a favourite against Everton on the books, but that’s when a Blues’ victory can change things up and lead to some great earnings.

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