Ways to keep up with Everton

Whether you have been a life-long fan of Everton F.C. or the Toffeemen have just caught your attention, you need to know all the best ways you can keep up with your players.  If you want to know some of the best ways you can support the boys as they play the beautiful game, keep reading.

Attending Match Day

Goodison 2017
Goodison Park, Home of Everton Football Club

It is the simplest on the list by far, but if you want to best keep up with the Everton team then you better get on down to match day. This can be easier said than done depending on where you live. If you live near Everton then there is no reason why you cannot think about picking up a season ticket so you can head on down whenever you feel like it.

If you don’t live near Everton (perhaps you moved away) there are still plenty of ways you can keep up with the team on match day. The most obvious way is to watch the matches when they air on tv. If there is a game away at a ground near you, you could also consider heading along to support your team in the Away stands. It is a fantastic opportunity for you to grab the chance to see the Blues up close and doing what they do best.

Live Apps

With the progress of technology, you can also find a variety of apps which will give you an update on how the team is doing no matter the time of day. If you find yourself travelling a lot for business, or stuck in work during match days, no matter where you happen to be and what you are occupied doing, you can get a live update of the match using a football score app.

You don’t ever have to miss out again. Just make sure the notifications for the app are on and you can sneak a look at updates whenever you are. In the middle of a busy shift but dying to know the score? Take a quick moment to glance down at your phone and find out.

Social Media

Social media is one of the best places you can keep up with both the Everton official pages and the boys on the team themselves. Everton’s twitter page has all the information you need about the team and how they do in matches. They will bring you live updates of matches as they play plus information about upcoming matches and events in between.

The main twitter account isn’t the only one you should be following. The ladies team and the youth teams all have their own pages. Don’t neglect the other teams who play at Everton F.C. If you truly love the game of football then you are going to want to support more than just the men’s team. Take some time to get to know the women’s team too. The girls are brilliant players and can put on just as good of a show. The youth teams are also a great chance to take a look at the new players getting ready to join the senior team. If you want to see the star players of tomorrow, look no further than those currently playing in the youth sides.

You can also use Twitter and Instagram to keep up with all your favourite players from the team. Jordan Pickford and Richarlison are just some of the team members who are active on their social media platforms. It is the perfect way to interact with your favourite football stars. You never know when you might be able to get a like on your comment or even wrangle a sneaky “Happy Birthday” for either yourself or a close friend or family member. Be polite and be positive, and you never know what may come your way.


For an inside look at everything going on at Everton F.C., consider getting involved with their volunteering team. The volunteers help out with a variety of tasks around the football ground including youth work, neighbourhood schemes, and fundraising events.

If you have been a diehard Everton fan all your life and you are looking for a way to give back to the club which has given you so much, consider becoming a volunteer. It could be the perfect way for you to spend some more time at one of the places you love the most. If you have recently retired or you are simply looking for something to fill your days with, apply to the Everton F.C. volunteer programme today.

Place a Bet

If you truly think in your heart of hearts that Everton are going to play well in their next match, why not lay down a little wager? Sports betting is one of the most popular forms of gambling in the UK today and a bet of only £1 might see you bringing home a little extra to help you celebrate a big win for the team.

Both bookies and online betting websites such as Stakers often provide a live score so you can see how the game is progressing and whether or not you have won. It is a fun way to enhance your love for the team and your love of the game. Just make sure that you are always betting safely and responsibly. Never bet outside your means and don’t start chasing down wins which might now be there. If you think you might have a problem with gambling, speak to a doctor or a close family friend to get the help you need.

Final Thoughts

From the social media pages to the football summary shows like Match of the Day, there are many ways to keep up with the Toffees no matter where they are headed to play. Celebrate your love for them in your own unique and personal style; whether you retweet their top players or volunteer around the pitch. There is always something you can do to ensure that you are always kept in the loop and knowing exactly how Everton F.C. are doing.

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