It’s oh, so quiet…

In 1951, with Everton relegated from the top flight for the last time, Betty Hutton’s B-side to “Murder, he says” prophesied about the summer of 2019 from an Everton perspective like a speakeasy Nostradamus.

And when Bjork covered that song in 1995, there were rumours that it was at the request of a six year old Gylfi Sigurdsson, who himself had seen what a start to the summer Everton would have 24 years down the line.

Or it could just be that a blogger somewhere wants to use hit song lyrics to lament their frustrations of what seems to have been an eternity since anything at all happened with Everton, and is trying to sound clever by tying in a time travel reference.

It’s clumsy but Betty Hutton’s Wikipedia entry will never have got so many views.

Anyway, Everton have signed a second choice relegated goalkeeper to keep Jordan Pickford company on the bus, but neither of them know what kit they’ll be wearing yet.

Andre Gomes has been sat in the car park at Finch Farm for days now, waiting to be invited in, and there are at least three European teams desperately sat on press copy waiting to announce that they’ll be playing Everton in a tournament somewhere soon.

But as for actual news.

Nope. Rumours like you wouldn’t – or shouldn’t – believe. Work permits being knocked back like you wouldn’t – but probably should – believe. And somewhere near Cheadle, an artist is desperately waiting to see his creations come to life and worn by Andre Gomes.

Oh, and my mum is called Ann because of Betty Hutton’s portrayal of the lead character in Annie Get Your Gun.

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