New rules

There are 9 new rules coming into effect for the 19/20 season.

For anyone that tuned into the Womens World cup 19 some of these will not be new to you, you will have watched them play out during the whole of that tournament.

Include VAR as a given…

The ones you may of noticed

Unintended Handball

New rule states ” A goal scored directly from the hand /arm (even if accidental) and a player creating a goal-scoring opportunity after having gained control of the ball using hand/arm(even if accidental) will no longer be allowed,

So if you score with your arm/hand even if you have no idea you have, it will be disallowed.

Goalkeeping during penalty kicks

The goalkeeper facing the penalty can no longer touch the goal frame or show any movement before the kick. Also the keeper must have one part of their boot always touching the goal line and they cannot be standing behind the line.

It is going to be interesting to see what happens with those goalkeepers who jump and touch their bar as part of the superstition routine before they face the penalty taker.

Free kick walls

New ruling states “When there is a defensive wall of three or more defenders, the attackers are not allowed within one yard of the wall”

This should be fun, what are the options , put 3 defenders in a wall , leaving space behind the wall for attackers to occupy. Have no wall ? Looking forward to this one .

The ones that may have passed you by.

Scoring from a goalkeepers throw.

Rule States “If the ball goes into the opposition goal direct from a goalkeeper’s throw, a goal kick will be awarded”

The odds of this happening must be astronomical, but in my eyes, if your Keeper can hurl a ball hard enough to go in the opposition goal, without the other keeper being able to pluck it out of the air or a defender been able to clear it, then you should be awarded 2 goals. Strange ruling for me this one.


A player can be booked for their celebration (yeah… we know!!!)… wait though… even if their goal is disallowed….!!!!

So you score the last minute winner against your biggest rivals at home and you bungle into the limbs that are your home fans, or you wheel away ripping your shirt off , twirling it triumphantly … VAR deems your toe to be offside…no goal and a yellow card . Really not looking forward to this one at all.

Goal Kicks

“A goal-kick will now be considered as a ball in play from the moment the ball is kicked”

Does not have to leave the area now . Certain speed demons in the Premier League will be absolutely creaming their respective pants at this. Could we be seeing the return of the smashing the ball straight into the midfield.

No More Drop Balls

The demise of the drop ball is bittersweet, I long for the days of the madness of tackles flying all over the place and from all angles, yet I fully understand the investment the clubs make in players and they do need protecting to an extent. Next season the last team to have touched the ball before the stoppage will be given the ball back by the opposition , no more standing 2 feet from each other and flailing boots toward each other at whatever MPH it is … I’m going to miss that .


No more taking the player from the far corner off for them to walk slowly to rapturous applause/ jeers and booing ( delete applicable). New rules state ” a player has to leave the game from the nearest outside line from their location on the pitch”

Going to be a few teams fully hating this rule…ahem … we all know who they are …cough … ahem.

Head to Head record

Should two sides finish level on points , goal difference and goals scored, the head- to- head record between the two sides will now come into consideration, before a playoff is required. |If the head – to- head record is level, then the higher position will be awarded to whichever side scored the most goals away from home. This means that the extremely unlikely play off rule is now made entirely redundant . What are the odds of two or more teams finishing on the exact same everything…

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