Gamble responsibly, Evertonians

Every team knows how important their fans are for them. No player or club wants any of their supporters ever to face problems, especially if they are in any way linked to football.

The start of the Premier League is also a time when many people, both amateur and professional, partake in sports betting. For most of them, sports betting is a leisure activity that comes with the benefit of making money. However, for others, it becomes an obsession that is hard to give up. 

Everton fans typically are more concerned about the state of their team. Take their first game, and debates are already taking place dissecting every aspect of the draw against Crystal Palace. The focus though is on the red card, and how Everton managed to hold back their competitors with a 10-man team.   

On the other spectrum are those who made money or lost some on the game. While every punter is aware of the risks associated with betting, there are a few who just don’t know when to stop. For them, it is crucial to balance out their lifestyle.

Test the Waters

While Gamstop is an excellent initiative, de-registering from it can be tedious. Moreover, with Gamstop, it becomes difficult to get back into the action once you have a firm hand over the situation. For this purpose, there are non Gamstop casinos available that offer customers the freedom to play whenever they want, and often with better bonuses and returns. These organisations are typically situated in off-shore states and thus do not fall under the UK laws. However, rest assured for they are entirely legal and licensed by gaming authorities.   

Seek Help

The initial step to take when you get an inkling that things might not be in your control is to seek help from friends and family. Ask them to keep a check on your gambling and share with them your thoughts and what makes you want to bet regularly. Support from the family is always forthcoming and allows you to tackle the issue with love and care.  


Another option that you can take is to self-exclude yourself from gambling websites. Gamstop is the latest initiative by the UK government that helps you ban yourself from accessing betting and casino sites. It does sound a little drastic, and there are problems with how effective Gamstop really is, but even in its present stage, it puts some emphasis on limiting your habit.

Limit Yourself

When making a return to gambling, you must limit yourself in every way possible. As a fan of Everton, it might be a good idea to just bet on their games and not on other teams. Also, you can give access to your finances to a family member who can then keep a watch on your expenses. Moreover, focus on the joy of watching the game with friends, and not always think about the money aspect of it all. Lastly, you can have non-money bets with friends so that the thrill is still there without any monetary loss. All of these options, when done in moderation, can help avoid things from escalating in the long run. 

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