Who are the 20 “big clubs”? Watford fans, look away now…

It’s one of the oldest arguments on the internet between rival fans, and there are even rumours that there are cave-drawings depicting rival “firms” of Bison-fancier arguing over which Bison wore the best coloured fur in pre-historic times.  But now the definitive answer is available to that burning question: What makes a big club?

Evertonians have – rightly – always beaten the drum that the Blues are currently a sleeping giant, and with no recent silverware to look at ourselves in, many will accept our current position in the charts.

With several new “rivals” popping up over the last couple of years, complete with plastic snakes and empty away allocations at Goodison, but this chart puts Watford fans firmly back in their box

The list, compiled by Betway, comes as a result of a survey of 3,500 football fans, in which they were asked what things were important to them to make a “big club.”

They provided 10 criteria used to determine a club’s size and asked the supporters to score them out of 10 based on their importance.

Some of the criteria were simple, like stadium size. Some were more complicated, such as match-going support, which we calculated as a team’s stadium capacity divided by their average attendance.

They then ranked every club that has ever been in the Premier League by each of the 10 criteria.

Clubs earned points for how highly they ranked in each category, with 20 points awarded to the highest-ranked team and one point for the 20th-ranked team. Teams below 20th scored nothing.

Then, using our formula we calculated a total score for each club, which prioritised.the categories that were voted the most important.

Using the results, they complied the ultimate Premier League table, featuring the 20 biggest clubs in the country.

What do you think of the final top 20? Who would you have in your ultimate Premier League table?

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