The Unwanted half-season awards

Recently, we looked at Everton’s half-season award winners in a bid to look at the positives from an otherwise disappointing season. Over the course of the campaign, there has been numerous poor performers and therefore in this article, we will look at Everton’s unwanted half-season award winners.

Worst Player of the Season – Gylfi Sigurdsson

This award has numerous contenders with players such as Fabian Delph, Michael Keane and Theo Walcott falling way below the standards that have been set by Evertonians. However, none of the afore mentioned players have played quite as poorly as Gyfli Sigurdsson. After a superb 2018-2019 season, in which Sigurdsson scored 13 Premier League goals, hopes were high. Despite this, the Icelandic international has massively underperformed and has contributed just 1 goal and 1 assist in 21 Premier League games. When playing in the number 10 role, Sigurdsson has completely disappeared from games and has been ineffective in supplying chances for the Everton strike force. This has caused Everton to have performances devoid of creativity, such as the 2-0 home defeat to Norwich City. Due to Everton switching formation from a 4-2-3-1 to a 4-4-2, Sigurdsson has found himself playing in a much more balanced midfield role. However, his performances have not improved as the number 10 has looked lost and simply too slow to perform in the heart of the Everton side. His abysmal campaign was summarised in the shocking 1-0 FA Cup defeat to Liverpool’s u10’s. Sigurdsson was weak, tepid and quite frankly embarrassed by Liverpool’s youngsters. It was yet another example of a poor Gylfi Sigurdsson display in the 2019-2020 season. Therefore, Everton’s Worst Player of the Season thus far is comfortably, Gylfi Sigurdsson.

Worst Signing of the Season – Fabian Delph

This award is by far the easiest to give out, as Fabian Delph has definitively been Everton’s worst signing of the season so far. Delph was brought in for what appeared to be a bargain deal from Manchester City in the summer of 2019. It was expected that Delph would add leadership and experience to an otherwise youthful Everton team. Early on in the campaign, it appeared as though the signing would turn out to be a Marcel Brands masterstroke as Delph looked assured and confident in the heart of the Everton team. However, things quickly soured as Delph spent more time on the physio table than the football pitch. It was a familiar outcome as Delph’s career has so far been plagued by injury problems but that is not why Fabian Delph is the recipient of this award. Fabian Delph instead claims this award because of his immature actions on social media. Following the previously mentioned 1-0 FA Cup defeat at Anfield, some understandably furious Everton fans took to Twitter to voice their anger and messaged Delph to express their disgust at the shocking Everton display. Delph, having been signed to be a leader, fired back at the fans, displaying a lack of thought and an abundance of arrogance in the process. Due to this petulant behaviour, Fabian Delph immediately proved himself as the complete opposite of a leader in the Everton dressing room and the clear recipient of the Worst Signing of the Season so far.

Worst Individual Performance of the Season – Djibril Sidibe vs Liverpool

This award was incredibly difficult to hand out as competition for it was plentiful. Shocking displays such as Gyfli Sigurdsson’s in the 1-0 FA Cup defeat at Anfield and Michael Keane’s shocker in the 5-2 league defeat at Anfield. Nonetheless, one individual display was somehow worse, Djibril Sidibe’s horror show in the 5-2 defeat at Anfield. Despite only lasting 35 minutes, this was comfortably the worst individual performance of the season as Sidibe was humiliated by Sadio Mane. By the time Sidibe departed the game, Everton were 3-1 down and the derby was all but over. The Frenchmen looked completely lost in the Everton defence and was quickly torn apart by Sengalese winger, Sadio Mane. For Liverpool’s opening two goals, Sidibe was caught massively out of position and showed a lack of effort and desire to track back and help to nullify the Liverpool counter attacks. It was this lack of effort that makes Sidibe the clear winner of this award as the Monaco loanee did not seem to be concerned with displaying the fight that is expected from an Everton player in a Merseyside derby fixture. As a result of this, Djibril Sidibe is the indisputable winner of Everton’s Worst Individual Performance of the Season so far.

Worst Game of the Season – Liverpool 1-0 Everton

Whilst Everton have performed poorly on numerous occasions, such as the 2-0 home defeat to Norwich and the 3-1 away loss to Bournemouth, nothing even comes close to the atrocity of Everton’s 1-0 FA Cup defeat to Liverpool. It was a defeat that defined Everton’s season and left every Evertonian in a state of absolute horror and anger. Entering the game, it was expected that the Toffee’s would steamroll the incredibly youthful Liverpool side. Yet, this did not prove to be the case. In the first half, the Blues missed a number of glorious chances to go ahead and it seemed as though it was only a matter of time before the away side went ahead. However, what followed was the most humiliating and disgusting 45 minutes of football that Evertonians have seen from their side in years. The Blues were played off the park by Klopp’s kids and showed a distinct lack of fight and desire to win the game. They seemingly gave up, allowing Liverpool to snatch a late goal and win the game 1-0. It was pure humiliation for Evertonians and caused a tremendous backlash from the fans. The performance left scars that will not heal amongst fans for a very long time. It was truly embarrassing and therefore means the Worst Game of the Season award goes to the 1-0 FA Cup defeat at Anfield.

So here it is, the full list of Everton’s Unwanted Half-Season Awards:

Worst Player of the Season: Gylfi Sigurdsson

Worst Signing of the Season: Fabian Delph

Worst Individual Perfomance of the Season: Djibril Sidibe vs Liverpool

Worst Game of the Season: Liverpool 1-0 Everton

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