Training and Transfers – Staying fit during the lockdown

As it stands, it’s not only the British public that is on lockdown as British football has also had to follow suit.

All games have been either cancelled or postponed until the start of May, but there is still the possibility that this could be extended for longer. As the current situation extends towards what would be the regularly scheduled off-season, the question would still remain of what happens in the event that no games have been played up until that point.

Michael Keane has been keeping us updated about his daily schedule as well as his teammates, as there have been fears that during a longer layoff, some players may not be in shape when it comes time to return. “So we’ve just got to keep that base level of fitness. As long as we get a couple of weeks of proper training before the next game, we’ll be fine” he says as he outlines that the team have been logging on to an online platform to keep up with their training programme. Keane has also opened up that both himself and the team have been getting in contact with those in self-isolation to help boost spirits and to serve the community and help boost spirits.

Although games may be on hold or cancelled all together, it hasn’t stopped chatter around the potential transfers too. News has recently been around two of the bigger names linked to the blues – Ciro Immobile, the 30 year old currently playing for Lazio, had been previously linked with a move to Everton, but the Italian club have since put a stop to that link by stating they aren’t willing to part with him, instead looking to extend the deal. Rumours surrounding an offer put forward to Lille for the Brazillian Gabriel Magalhaes, but those rumours have also been somewhat squashed a little as the player stated he is looking to finish out his season in Lille and look forward to what he may achieve next season.

So although a bit of a mixed bag, there is still some good news amongst the bad. Those looking to get their betting fix may still have options open to them, as although games aren’t currently being played, there are still ongoing talks for transfers. If you’re looking to put your money elsewhere, you might find your new game in slots or bingo and list them. Whatever your vice may be however, as it stands it could still be a long while before we see any football or sport at all return to a regular schedule – and many will be keeping their eyes open for any news surrounding what could happen in the off season, if one happens at all.

For all the bad news that may be around however, a positive note to end on – Gary Lineker recently put out a tweet stating that he finally found opportunity to  watch the Everton documentary “Howard’s Way”, and in a moment of reflection of his short time playing for the blues, stated “Best team I ever played for.” 

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