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A potentially decisive week for football

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Following the announcement made by Boris Johnson at the weekend, the roadmap for the lockdown measures were laid out for the UK public and what to expect going forward – one area that had neglected to be mentioned however was within sporting events.

It is expected that today some notice on how elite athletes may be able to prepare will be laid out, as they have currently been restricted to individual training – but the next few days could be decisive on whether or not the Premier League will be able to restart, or whether it will be scrapped entirely.  A comment that football in any form won’t return until 1st June at the earliest is still being confirmed.

There’s been good news on this front in other locations – despite some players testing positive recently, the German Bundesliga is amongst the first to gear up to get restarted as permission had been given for teams to restart training following some testing protocols being met, the same is true for La Liga in Spain as many have also found themselves returning to training and preparing for games to get underway again. The fears for the Premier League have been voiced for a number of months, however, as suggestions that they could face losses up to £1 billion if the season isn’t played through were beginning to look more and more likely, but with the weekend announcement things may be looking more promising than they had been just last week.

This same good news can be seen in other sporting events across the world too – as cancellations and postponements have been continued for a number of months, the most recent UFC event that took place this weekend may find itself amongst the most bet events to have taken place as online betting and a list of non UK casinos found here took advantage of it being one of the biggest events to take place recently – many of which are suggesting that this event alone is bigger than  any they’ve taken bets on – if football is to find a restart any  time soon, it’s likely that the same will ring true in these games.

It is very expected that once these games do begin again, however, and for the foreseeable future that they will be held in empty stadiums without fans in attendance and only being broadcast instead. This has been a cause for concern for a number of smaller clubs as a lot of the revenue keeping them afloat are found within ticket sales, and if a solution can’t be found for this then the risk that many may not be able to recover at all is still seeming very real to many. This coming week will certainly be the most decisive for English football, however, as if no decision can be reached on whether or not games should get underway again in a reasonable time then it is looking extremely likely that the season will be cancelled entirely, which in itself may cause many problems looking forward that may not yet be fully realised. 

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