The Many Ways You Can Bet On Soccer

Soccer is a very popular sport not only to players and fans but also to the sports bettor. In fact, if you are new to sports betting, one of the first sports that you would probably bet on is soccer, with the other one being football.

This is why most bookmakers offer good bonuses and loyalty rewards for players who are starting, and they promote betting on popular games like soccer. Not only is the sports itself is extremely popular, and that you can use special offers like loyalty bonuses by Silentbet to bet more for free, but there are a lot of ways players can bet on the game. This gives more options not only to the bettors but also more opportunities to earn for bookies, too.

Here are some of the most popular ways you can bet on soccer.

Moneyline bets

This type of bet is the most common one since it is also the simplest and most straightforward one. The bettor simply bets on who would win a match, and if their bet wins, they win, too. There is also an option to bet on a draw, though.

Over/under bets

In an over and under bet, you will place bet based on the odds presented by the bookie, and predict whether the two teams would soccer over or under the given odds combined. For example, if the odds given for a game is 4.0, you will bet over if you think the final score of the two teams would be over four combined, and under if you think their combined scores would be lower than four by the end of the game.

Spread bets

Spread bets will have you bet on whether a favored team would win by a margin the bookmakers have predicted, or if the underdog team would win or the match ending at a draw. If the bookies you bet through tells that the favored team should win by two goals, then your bet would either be them winning by two or more or the underdog winning the match.

Halftime results bets

Similar to Moneyline bets, the halftime result bets is a simple and straightforward manner of betting. Here, you will simply bet on which team would be on a lead by the halftime break, or if they will be on a draw by then.

Final score bets

This type of bet is not just tricky, but also hard to win. Here, you have to predict exactly how the final score would be not just whether the home or the away team would win. The numbers should be exactly as they would end up in the game itself for you to win. Although it is hard to win this bet, it yields huge profits if you do predict the final scores correctly.

“Both Teams to Score” bets

The question in this kind of bet is pretty simple: do you think that both teams would score a goal at a certain point of the game? Your betting options are “yes” or “no.” If they do score, and you bet on “yes,” you win. If they did not score and you bet on “no,” you win–it is as simple as that.

Goalscorer Wagers

This kind of wager is a bit complicated as it will have you predict who will goal first in the game, who will score a goal last, or who will score goals at one point in the game. Since many factors affect goal making, it can be very hard to predict whether a team or much more a specific player, is to be the first or last one to score a goal. However, when predicted correctly, this kind of bet can yield a really big profit to the bettor.

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