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The New Revamped Official Everton FC App Is Here

Everton never ceases to find ways to connect with Evertonians all across the country and the world. The latest news about the club’s official app confirms that Everton just relaunched a new, improved version in September 2020, just in time for the new season. The new app builds on the pre-existing format and includes everything that fans could wish for in a neatly structured package.

Access to all things Everton

The name of the game with the new Blues mobile app is access. An intense focus on providing the latest information on the team and the people that surround it sets the tone. This is particularly evident on the emphasis on news and real-time game updates that lies at the heart of the app.

The new version includes a rebuilt live match centre where fans can find a stylish live feed of scores and stats, which includes both game and players stats, as well as free audio commentary of every Toffees game. The app is free and available all around the world – which means that Blues fans outside the UK can get access to the latest updates for free, no matter their location or time zone.

The Everton app showcases not only the men’s club, but also the women’s team and every aspect of the Liverpool-based powerhouse. Don’t worry about getting lost in all that information, because the new design allows you to highly customize your experience. You can decide which news you want to follow and which push notifications to receive. In an especially nice touch, fans can also choose up to three favourite players that they want to follow more closely and get specialised feed updates and stats on them. Besides news, the app also delivers information on every fixture and every player, as well as a whole new range of exclusive quizzes and games focusing on the Toffees.

New design and more ways to connect

True to Everton tradition of keeping the Club and supporters as connected as possible, the app is available for free on both Google Play for Android-powered devices and the Apple App Store for iPhone and iPad. The first thing that strikes you when you launch the app is the enhanced welcome journey that the new version offers, which takes you through the steps of setting it up in order to fit your tailored needs and preferences. On the practical side, the app has a new, impressive and slick look that comes in two options: either a classic light mode or an energy-saving stylish dark mode. To whet our appetite even further, the app also features exclusive competitions that are not available anywhere else, as well as votes to help keep the Evertonians community even more engaged. From there, things get even more exclusive for those that opt-in for one of the app’s members’ rewards systems.

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Evertonians can register to become Digital Members and get access to free video content. Those who are Official Members can also sign in to get exclusive features that include live streaming options. This approach of delivering tiered content and upgrades depending on membership points follows a wider trend in the mobile app industry. If you visit a popular phone casino, you will see that there are several loyalty programs that reward regular players with promotions and bonuses. For every bet placed, punters get points that contribute towards a VIP status – which is the key to unlocking further content and perks. Upgrading in terms of content and features has long been a staple of a wide range of mobile apps, ranging from mobile games to cooking or fitness apps and beyond.

Optimised mobile-friendly in-app ticketing system

On the more practical side of things, the official Everton app also features an optimised version of ticketing within the app that has been specially designed to meet the needs of mobile users. Those who download the app will find that they can directly access in-app mobile tickets and use them straight away. It also includes an in-app shop that allows Evertonians to get their hands on authentic Blues merch. From fashion and training to the Blues’ home and away kits, as well the goalkeeper kit, the shop is full of products that would make a great gift for any Everton fan – or a self-indulgent treat. Promotions that are exclusive to the app also mean that fans have the opportunity to win merch prizes. The app has already been installed over 50,000 times on Android devices and seems to be faring quite well so far.

As with any mobile app revamp, technical hiccups are to be expected at first, but as the new version gets more traction, issues like speed or bugs will be ironed out in more detail. Everton has promised that this is just the start of more exclusive content and promotions being released in the app throughout the year.

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