Put Everton’s safe standing at the back at Bramley Moore

I think that the safe standing should be at the back third of the new South Stand at Bramley Moore, not at the front, says Bingham Boy.

As the noise is to be generated by the fans in the safe standing area, if they are at the back then they are closer to the roof which will help amplify the noise they create. Whereas at the front they are too far from the roof meaning it takes more for their noise to spread.

Also when fans are at the back they can feel more hidden and so less inhibited when it comes to creating an atmosphere. At the front you can feel more in spotlight and so more reluctant to make that effort to start songs off.

The idea of having the vocal fans at the front comes from abroad but their way of creating an atmosphere is different. They havre dedicated chant leaders, or capos, who will lead the songs with a megaphone, so their songs will instantly be heard by thousands.

Over here we need our songs to spread over to other fans for it to get loud so the position of us to the roof is more important to get the songs to spread quicker.

The advantage of having a large single tier is when you get the fans in the whole stand stood up as one. It is only then that we will see the South Stand’s full potential.

Fans naturally stand up more from the front rows which then creates a domino effect behind. Therefore if the safe standing is at the back then you will have far more occasions during the game where the entire South Stand is stood as one.

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