A Decade of Everton

A brief history of Everton FC

Everton F.C. is one of Britain’s most famous and beloved football clubs and as such it has a varied and interesting history. Any fan of British football would do well to acquaint themselves with the story of how this team rose to prominence. 

This brief article will go through many aspects such as their home stadium, the origins of the team and some of the greatest players to be on their roster throughout the years. 

Origins in the Church

Many fans might not know that the origins of what would become Everton F.C. actually has its roots in the Methodist church. The church in question is the St. Domingo Methodist New Connexion Chapel that opened in 1871. They first started out by creating a cricket team for the young who attended the church. But as cricket could only be played during the Summer, they also opted to create a football team in 1878: St. Domingo F.C. 

Many young people who were not interested in the church gained an interest in joining the club. To accommodate them, the name was changed to Everton Football Club in 1879. 

Founders of the Football League

When the Football League was founded in 1888, Everton F.C. was one of the founding members. They proved themselves quite valiantly in the 1890-91 season of the league, winning five matches in a row. A big name at the time, Fred Geary, scored a goal in each of these matches and is to this day revered as one of the best players Everton F.C. has ever had.

The first and second season of the League saw mixed success with Everton placing 8th the first season and 2nd during the second season. 

The Exodus to Goodison Park

Goodison Park is the main hub for Everton F.C. today but it has not always been so. For a long period of time they resided at Anfield. But a series of unfortunate decisions by then Everton Committee President, John Houlding, forced the team to look elsewhere. Houlding was charging enormous rent for Anfield and high prices for the refreshments served at the matches. He even tried to hijack the team to obtain ownership of it. These attempts failed. 

As a result, Everton moved from Anfield to Goodison Park where they still play today. Houlding would hang on to Anfield and create his own club that you might have heard of: Liverpool F.C. 

A Story of Ups and Downs

Ever since Everton’s founding and consolidation it has been a story of ups and downs for the club as was foreshadowed in the first seasons of the Football League. Everton F.C. has always been able to boast of a very decent and impressive roster of excellent players throughout the times. They have won championships and they have lost some. But the most important thing is that they are always putting on a great show for their fans, who loyally support them. Everton is as good of a team as any when it comes to spirit. You can safely bet on that.  

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